Nosara, Costa Rica - Prone Foil Spots?

Looking for some mellow waves to foil when I’m in Nosara next month. Also open to spending $ on a towing situation or boat trip to a reef, etc. Just hoping to foil by any means necessary!

Well, you may have already made the trip, but I will post in case someone else see’s this.

From Nosara/Playa Guiones the next Beach South is Playa Garza. This is the best prone foil spot I found…. That was not covered with surfers.

Right end of the beach when looking from shore. Check it at low tide first so you know where the rocks are. Then go back at high tide. Small days with enough juice, the outside is good. Bigger days, the reform wave on the inside is where it’s at.


Not sure if they are in Nosara - But these guys offer foil camps with tow services it seems to me -
Just follow them, not sure if this is useful to you tho, hopefully it is! :slight_smile:

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