Prone Underside Traction Choices

My new board is going to show up soon. I read the “Prone Traction Choices” post and traction pads seem to be the universal preference for the top of the board.

How about the bottom of the board though? Nearly every break where I live has reef and requires a fairly long paddle out with the board inverted. Having some kind of traction on the bottom of the board is a necessary evil and I’m wondering about opinions on pad vs wax in this scenario.

Also, if traction pads are still your preference, what’s your layout because I’m sure you’re trying to use as little as possible while also not slipping right off the board or getting whacked in the head with the mast.

I have used RxPro Hexatraction stickers for this exact purpose. Its kind of expensive when it comes in a package, but some retailers will sell the stickers as singles. You only need 3-5 of them.

Right now, I’m debating between a few pads like these, or just keeping it simple and waxing the equivalent area on the bottom of the board. Waxing the bottom seems to have more in common with surfing as you’re not up and riding on it very long (zero on foil). Any negatives to wax for this purpose?

This tape has worked great. Enough in a roll for 5 boards at least.

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Try it without traction first. I used to put hexatraction on the bottom of all my boards, but on my last one I was in such a rush that I forgot before my first session. turned out it was fine on account of the volume distribution.

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Anti slip clear spray paint works well. You can build it up to the grip level you need. Weighs nothing and nice clear matt finish