Prone Traction Choices

New board is on the way, so I’m looking at traction options.

I’ve seen people riding absolutely everything in terms of pads, so I’m wondering if we’re starting to settle on some best practices?


  • Diamond vs grooved/corrugated. Security vs ability to easily shuffle feet position around?
  • Tail & wax vs full pad. Why isn’t wax more commonly used?
  • Asymmetrical pad placement vs normal pad placements
  • Center raised shape vs completely flat.

Wax is the worst. I hope to never use wax again.


Gorilla skinny my favourite - smooth brushed so easy to adjust feet even in boots but enough grip.

I liked the odd reference point but on latest board completely smooth and haven’t missed it.

Tail block kinda pointless unless you have it way forward like middle box, and then it gets in the way of knees

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Octopus imo is excellent for prone boards


Yeah nothing has ever beat octopus for me.

I’m interested in trying cork but none of my boards need traction right now

Pro Lite makes some really thin and sticky traction that I’m liking. Ive previously used Octopus too and as of now I prefer the PL. Worth checking out.

Wax doesn’t work because you’re on your feet so much more than regular surfing it just doesn’t last where are you need it. Similarly you’re not laying down on it nearly as much so a more aggressive front traction isn’t really a problem.

I really hate surf style tail kick traction pads on foil boards. Never once have I gotten my back for it that far back to engage the tail kick.

I’m really minimalist in terms of placement of my traction. I Like for the traction To help communicate where and my feet are on the board. I also find that the front pad going too far back makes it easier for my front foot to catch and stop before it should.

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I like the idea of textural guides, but I also like find I can recover sometimes from misplaced feet if I can control it, so broad texture seems good. Has anyone inlayed a “foot print” of different color and texture?

Octopus for sure…. Full coverage, no or very small arch bar.

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Foiltec, & WMFG grooved pads also seem like a decent option.

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I like flat pads. The grip that comes with Amundson boards is amazingly soft and smooth
with great grip. Would love to find something similar.

this is pretty much the octopus stuff.

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Ive got a new Octopus Megastorm rear traction pad that I will send you if you want it. Just pay shipping.

cork drawer liner surfboard traction pad - has always interested me

Wax starts to melt of you’re up riding for too long, and is draggy if any gets on your foil!