Cocoa beach trip

Hey fellow frothers, I am coming down from Savannah to cocoa beach area for 2 days as part of week of getting stuck in Lakeland. Looking to foil specifically in the area. What are your thoughts on spots so I can look for a hotel or Airbnb nearby. This would be towards end of February.


A big prone crew (spacecoast foil club) rides south paradise in Indialantic every day it’s rideable. The bottoms in CCB haven’t been so great recently.

Crown plaza hotel, at the north end of paradise beach has been working pretty good. Sometimes we walk to that end of the beach also.

I’m l0ngshankz on IG. I’m middle of the group as far as skills. Lots of good guys and also some newbs. Everyone is overly friendly. Just avoid the main peak at Paradise.

South end of paradise is all sand. There’s a big trough that makes pumping out easy. If it’s 1-2ft the 3 hours around low tide work. If it’s 3-4, pretty much works all day. Feel free to IM me on IG. I’m typically out often.


Awesome. Thank you so much. Would love to be in the water with some other foilers. It’s a lonely island up here and progression can be difficult with no one else jumping into the sport.

Do you have a rough street or streets you use as the crosswalk or location so I can base the accommodations nearby.

I’ll definitely link up when I get down there.

There’s are the best two spots and common to find foilers. There’s about 30+ prone surfers in our group total

Awesome. Thank you very much. Looking forward to meeting some of you. That’s amazing that there is such a large group. I have yet to convince one person and I literally try and give my board up for people to give a go.