Pump foil question Armstrong vs Uni

Anyone here have user feedback on the Uni Hyper2-250 for dock starting, light winds, micro bump surf, or DW? I’m 86kg and avg pumper. I’m thinking of getting that wing or going with new Armstrong pump foil. Thanks!

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Since you haven’t gotten much feedback, I will share my experience with the Hyper2 250. I’m a big guy (100+ kg). I use the Hyper2 in very small surf and for light wind winging.

It is fast for its size, fun in micro surf (roundhouses not snaps) and it pumps well… meaning it “drives” – you get distance and speed out of your pumps.

But it is NOT a pump specific foil like an AXIS 1310, for example…

An AXIS 1310 is not a fast foil. It is thick. It stays in the air at very low speeds. The Hyper 2 is thin and does not compete with pumper foils in stall speed. The AXIS 1310 will likely pump around a lake a lot longer than the Hyper 2 250 – just at a slow speed. I mention the AXIS because it’s the only “pump” foil I know… I don’t know the Armstrong.

If dockstart / pump is your primary use, you might want a slower pump-oriented foil than the Hyper. The stall speed should be lower on the pump oriented foils. If you are looking for fun in micro surf, light wind winging, and DW, as opposed to pumping around on dock starts, the thinner faster Hyper might be the call.

I like the Hyper 250 in tiny surf because it’s fast enough to be fun. I don’t think I would use a pumper foil to go surfing like an AXIS 1310, as it would be slower and possibly harder to make it do what you want. The AXIS 1310 and other pumper foils would work, they would just be slow and less exciting, I bet.

(Interestingly to me, the AXIS 1300 is actually thinner than the 1310 and performs drastically different… It’s faster, and is somewhere between a pump foil, a DW foil, and a very fun very light wind winging foil. I mention the AXIS 1300 because I know it, and it is similar in span and aspect ratio to the Armstrong 1880 pump foil. I don’t know if the Armstrong is thin or thick.)

For tails for the Hyper 2 250 (remember, I am bigger than 100kg), I use:

  • Kujira 178 with a +1 shim (to dig out of holes) for the surfiest feel, fastest top end speed, and highest pointing upwind with the wing…. but hardest to stay up on foil on your pump.
  • FoilParts.com pumper tail (the big one) for micro surf / staying up all day on foil to find an outside set wave. As a big guy I can really stomp on this setup as it’s so stable and really get drive out of pumps. Lowest stall speed as well to dig out of holes. Also the slowest. This would be the dock-pumper setup. You can also chop shop it if it’s too big, easy, and slow.
  • Kane deWilde 15" Classic tail as the bread-and-butter all around tail for having fun both pumping and surfing. This tail matches really well. Does everything well. Don’t have to think about it.

You could probably choose from those three tails, and / or size them down a bit for your needs.

One last thing, I ride the 250 all the way forward in the box in whatever board I put it on.

Hope that helps!


This is great! Thanks for sharing your feedback