Unifoil - what wings are being used for very low energy SUP surf

Hi all - I have moved over from axis. I bought the 140 and 170 progression . However the swell has been absolutely tiny for a long time
On the east coast of Australia . Have used the 170 prone a few times and love it . Haven’t touched the 140 yet . I have an 8ft barracuda I have been learning to SUP on . Idea is to be able to catch basically anything on those days where proning isn’t an option . Obviously very interested in the future larger size progression , but I’m wondering in the interim if something else works good . Thinking maybe hyper 2 250? I weigh 90kg.

I’m in the same boat…

I’m a big guy and I just used the Hyper2 250 prone in absolute micro conditions. I just tried it one time after riding the Progression 170, looking for something to cover the low end.

I short, I think it does the job…

Based on one very short sesh, For sure the Uni DNA is there…. You can tell the 250 Hyper and the Progression 170 are even more brothers than distant cousins. Not much adjustment is needed to get comfortable.

It lifted early enough in micro surf. Getting going was no problem. Pumped around just fine, No problem. I can’t comment on its tight turning radius, as conditions were so small. Twofers were more like angled banks mid pump than snaps. I didn’t get any snaps in. But it didn’t feel stiff.

Top speeds on my watch were maybe two mph slower than the 170, as expected.

I did have an unexpected fall out of the sky or two…. I assume the stall speed was hit. I have seen Cliff say he shims the Hyper 2s to improve the stall speed. I had no shim. I didn’t feel like it’s stall speed was an issue. I felt I could go slow and dig out of a hole. But then I had those two drop outs.

So…. It works. Need more sessions. But yes it works, and importantly you don’t have to change your technique much at all to be comfortable.

I chose the 250 over the 210 Hyper, and I think that was the right call at this point, as the 250 doesn’t feel huge for a big guy.

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Wow man ,thanks so much for the detailed information sounds like she might be the solution to what I need . Shims should definitely help with the low end . I too think the 250 would be the right choice … as the the progression 170 covers a lot . Agin thanks
Heaps mate . Very keen to see how it goes

You’re welcome!

I will try a shim. But it felt “right” with no shim, though I had a Kane de Wilde Classic tail, not a red one.

I wouldn’t want to change the pumping tuning much. You might be solving a “problem” of occasional drop outs while creating a new one of less optimal pump. I think I would take the better pump. I would just learn when those drop outs happen and hopefully learn technique to avoid that. I just had 30 minutes on it in tiny conditions. Maybe the issue was me not knowing the foil, not any issue with the foil itself.

I think Cliff has said he uses a shim when winging, where pumping tuning is less critical. Not sure if he uses one prone on the bigger Hypers. I have seen very little comment on the 250s.

I may try the 250 again today, as the surf is micro again.

Yeah I have herd Casey (James)saying that although shims increase your stall speed they also slow you down which I guess increases your chance of reaching that higher stall speed :man_shrugging:. Yeah it’s been surprisingly hard to find anyone talking about it on you tube ,forums or anything . You have been basically it . Ha so once again thanks for your input .

I did use it today. Second time trying it. First time was only a couple waves.

The conditions were so small today it was essentially unsurfable even on a longboard. The spot would normally be a closed-out beach break. But nothing was breaking. However there was one little 10 foot by 10 foot sandbar that allowed a chip in.

I put on the 250, a 65cm mast, and got a very floaty prone board to not bog on the takeoff, and headed out…

Here’s “wave” number 1…

Got the twofer, then the three-fer. Confirmed my belief that the DNA is close to the Progression, which is what we want. You don’t have to modify your pumping technique much at all, which is great.

It only got better…

I had faster rides, longer rides in distance, and longer rides in time. Then my takeoff chip in spot disappeared. The tide got too deep.

No drop outs today. Was sheet glass though. Dug out of a hole a couple times without even thinking about it. No shim. Not going to worry about stall speed or shims. It’s working fine. (Kane Classic tail, not red tail.)

I didnt try any ripping turns. They weren’t on offer. (and I’m not that ripper-y even in decent conditions). But I did roundhouse off the twofer going back left a few times. Felt fine and importantly to me felt close enough to the Progression that you didn’t have to alter your technique.

I am a bigger guy than you. If this thing works for me in nothing, it works for anyone that has a bit of technique.

If the goal is to maximize ultra low end in the surf as a big guy, pumping around, connecting waves and having fun, then this thing does it easily, keeping the Unifoil feel.

What type of board are you on?

Amundson Uncle Nubby

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