Pumping conditions in Australia in the new year

Hi Everyone

We have had an amazing run of conditions on the east coast of Australia where the swell lines fill in all the bays on the coastline and waves have a lot of power for their size. This is a run at my local and can be up to 3km. The surf is pretty solid and you don’t want to fall or get washed into rocks or the pack of 200 surfers.
I estimate the breaking waves outside (where you can pump to if your brave) at the start of the run to be 2x OH.

Jet skis are not allowed due marine park.

I am wondering who has similar runs in other countries? Hope you have been scoring.


Amazing, what foil did you use ?

Thanks mate! Im using the lift 120 front wing. Earlier in the run there are some pretty big drops and high speed and the 120 can handle it but it also has insane pump so if I run into a dead spot I just pump out towards the horizon and hope for the best (a wave). The 90
Would be sweet but without the pump I am worried about falling off and not completing the run.

I have the 120 paired with nolimitz mast, foilparts long fuse adapter and kujira 158.