PVD, Rhode Island - wingfoil

Need a good safe place to wing in/near Providence, Rhode Island this weekend.

Light (10mph) wind coming from NNE.

Consider myself Novice+ (upwind in both directions, no problem, can’t yet gybe).

Thinking Seekonk River or harbor/bays just south of PVD. Would go to Barrington Beach or Bristol but don’t want to get blown across a large bay.

Thanks for any advice!

URI Bay Campus, Fort Getty. 4019322231. Happy to chat. I live in Narragansett

Thank you very much for the suggestion and offer! I think I’ll land up in Watch Hill but look forward to being in touch in the future. Thanks!

@FoilFlop think I’ll head there next weekend (10/14-10/15). Any plans to be on the water?

@laser166131 ?