Winging in Marathon, Florida Keys

We’re headed to Marathon next week. Forecast is showing some wind and I’m wondering if anyone can help with some spots in the area. I’ll bring wing and prone gear and we’ll have the ski so will look for some dw runs too. Anyone down there that wants to fly???

talk to Mikey at Otherside Boardsports near Islamorada, they have the keys completely dialed in. tell them duke sent you.

Definitely downwind the seven mile bridge gap if there is wind, it’s awesome! Check it out on google maps
We’ve done it years ago with kites, would be awesome on a foil

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Thanks Duke! 7 mile bridge run sounds epic!!!

On those strong northerlies look for the flood tide pushing against the current in those channels bayside. Really anywhere deep enough bayside is good. I’ve seen a fun downwind style bump with that opposed wind and current. I’m down in Summerland for a few weeks starting the 17th. Hit me up if you want to grab a ding.

It’s still a bit out but looks like we’ll get some good N wind the week I’m there. Where’s summerland?

Lower keys. About half an hour from Key West so 45 min from marathon. No waves or really any fun riding to speak of in the keys, mostly a good place to dial in new techniques - consistent wind, flat water, no waves to distract you. I have heaps more fun at home but can’t bring myself to waste a session dialing in my foot switch here!

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Sombrero beach is easy and deep enough to foil. If you need a boat ramp, mile marker 54 is convenient, but no parking.

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Just had a fun session on marathon in the bay. Just paddled out a bit from the house we rented and sent it. Bumps were small, but good wind and depth. Seaweed added some speed bumps.

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