Quiver Killer Uni Board Details

Does anyone have more information about the “Quiver Killer” and other UNI boards coming out? Will they have larger sizes different than DW boards that could be used for SUPfoiling in the surf?

There’s some dimensions on the Quiver Killer in this video: https://youtu.be/H1BX20eZJSQ?feature=shared&t=3257

They mention two models, 5’2" x 19" x 3.6" @ 45L and 5’6" @ 55L

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Thanks for the info! The video is super helpful.

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The product intro is in this video I recorded at AWSI last week…


Any updates???

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All I’ve heard about is the 2 models previously mention above, 45L and 55L. Erik said in one of his podcast that Unifoil would be release it around March 2024 timeframe. If you want something sooner that’s almost identical then reach out to Mike at Portal Designs about the Enigma model. Not sure what their turnaround time is right now but I would think sooner than March if you’re in the United States.