Wing foil bike rack

Let’s see what you have come up with to transport wing foil equipment to the beach. Looking for a way to get my 4,8 83 Kahlama wing/sup. Along with some foils and wings.

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I have been biking to the beach for 20 seasons. 12+ years with an electric bike.

Use a side mount. It can hold up to 2X Sups. I carry my Wing board, 2 foils, 2 wings and an electric pump to the beach.

Link to my design here made from PVC:

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The cantilevered style side rack, with added stays, can carry more than 100 lbs, I put my kid on it.

Here with 2 boards, 1 for a friend. And then Jeff Clark and Chris Bertish rigged out their bikes back when everyone was riding GoFoil. It helps to have a REAR Rack to rest the mast.

There are at least 10 people now coming to the beach with foil rack bikes.