Sanding scratches on foils

Curious how often people tune their foils with sandpaper. Specifically from reef/rock scratches on the leading and trailing edge of the foil. (And how they like to tune. I know that’s been mentioned before, and Kane has some awesome advice for it)

My first few years foiling, I went a little ham on the sandpaper… every time I got a new scratch I’d be sanding it out. Now a lot of my foils live with scratches, because I’m worried ill damage some of the curves and lines meant to be on there.

How much do you think minor reef scratches really affect feel and performance anyways?

Crazy how you can go weeks not touching your foil to the reef, and then one bad low tide prone session can just spank the thing all over…

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I was back from maui with a stab that I used who was bitten a lot by corail reef. trailing edge pretty grooved.

Back home we went for a ride with a friend on our wingding with exact same foil.

I was about 1 knot faster. We switched board/foil and he was about 1 knot faster…

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