Foil Repair Advice?

Hi folks - Ran into a rock the other day on my foil :frowning: and am getting different opinions on repair. Some saying don’t bother doing anything as sanding can alter the foil shape and others saying wet sand the surface scuffs with 1000-1500 grit and fill any larger dings with epoxy and sand until flush. I tried the foil again after dinging it and really didn’t notice any performance issues.

The scuffs on the surface I don’t really mind, it’s mainly 1 or 2 dings at the leading edge that only concern me. They aren’t very deep but you can tell it’s a ding when you run your finger over it. Is it worth filling these with some kind of epoxy and trying to get flush or would you just leave this be? Thanks

Scratches on the top are supposed to be more noticeable than scratches on the bottom.

I would try this to refinish it.


Yeah I think at the very least I’ll use that 3M putty to fill the larger holes and sand.

How on earth do you scratch the top of the wing?!

Lol this is the bottom of the foil should have clarified. When I said surface was referring to not the leading edge. The top of the foil is spotless at least :joy:

Oh the bottom? The logo fooled me.

Yeah the bottom don’t matter.

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I saw and felt a foil the other day that looked like it had been repaired with Bondo. Super smooth feel to it. I’ll try to ask the guy.

Nice. Yeah was thinking of going the route in this video. Seems like this 3M putty is the same concept as Bondo. Softer than carbon so easy to sand without sanding the actual foil down. Just need to spray it black after.