Foil Repair Advice?

Hi folks - Ran into a rock the other day on my foil :frowning: and am getting different opinions on repair. Some saying don’t bother doing anything as sanding can alter the foil shape and others saying wet sand the surface scuffs with 1000-1500 grit and fill any larger dings with epoxy and sand until flush. I tried the foil again after dinging it and really didn’t notice any performance issues.

The scuffs on the surface I don’t really mind, it’s mainly 1 or 2 dings at the leading edge that only concern me. They aren’t very deep but you can tell it’s a ding when you run your finger over it. Is it worth filling these with some kind of epoxy and trying to get flush or would you just leave this be? Thanks

Scratches on the top are supposed to be more noticeable than scratches on the bottom.

I would try this to refinish it.


Yeah I think at the very least I’ll use that 3M putty to fill the larger holes and sand.

How on earth do you scratch the top of the wing?!

Lol this is the bottom of the foil should have clarified. When I said surface was referring to not the leading edge. The top of the foil is spotless at least :joy:

Oh the bottom? The logo fooled me.

Yeah the bottom don’t matter.

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I saw and felt a foil the other day that looked like it had been repaired with Bondo. Super smooth feel to it. I’ll try to ask the guy.

Nice. Yeah was thinking of going the route in this video. Seems like this 3M putty is the same concept as Bondo. Softer than carbon so easy to sand without sanding the actual foil down. Just need to spray it black after.

This approach using a low halogen marker pen looks like a good option. I haven’t tried it myself. Quick & Easy Foil Scratch Repair - YouTube


this one looks like a very common warranty covered issue with axis progressive tails . they have a weak spot in some earlier batches at this spot

G’day, I put a nasty scratch in an MA1000 foil recently and although it took a while, I used a magnifying glass, wet the scratch and with a scalpel blade took off all the little white bits I could see, which was the loose epoxy with air behind it. I kept going till when you put water over it, you couldn’t see any white, then dried it, blobbed epoxy in the scratch, then used a fine file, then wet and dry sand paper to get it dead flat. Experimenting with different grits and scotchbright pads for a finish which was pretty good. It’s pretty time consuming though, and you’ve got a fair few scratches!
I’ll see if I can find some photos.

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So as just a nice thing to have around, also good for fixing non structural damage of everything, i keep some Total Fair epoxy fairing compound.

Bondo - which is a polyester fairing compound - isn’t going to adhere well to epoxy.
Most wings and foil parts are going to be epoxy. Epoxy sticks to epoxy.

I also use this stuff for quick repairs of everything from boards to chipped wings. Also i use it to fair in any of my connection surfaces, stabs, etc. for better performance.

This stuff cures quick, sands really well(which is important because you want the compound to sand down - not the original part). This is why trying to repair stuff like this with straight epoxy is a nightmare - it cures harder than the original part - so hard that to get it fair with the rest of the piece you end up sanding into and messing up the shape of the original part.

Its a 2 part yellow and blue mix till its green. I recommend a hit of spray paint when its done just for aesthetics.


Link: TotalBoat TotalFair Epoxy Marine Fairing Compound

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What do you guys use to spread the spot putty or filling compound on more complicated (curved, convex, concave) surfaces? Plastic spreaders or putty knives are too stiff and spread the compound inaccurately unless its a pretty flat surface. Its easy to sand off, but ideally I would like to minimize sanding. I would like to use a very flexible spreader to conform to the curves of my foil, but get the compound into the scratches and nicks.

Hard for me to convey in writing, but if you’ve used these products it should make sense.

I’ve only used these in the kitchen but it sounds like what you are looking for

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good call. I just grabbed these which are similar.

The reefy part of the break was too tempting. Sorry Benoit!