Safety Chop/sanding of foils

Hi. I was thinking of sanding the sharp rear edges of my foils last night but didn’t get chance. Today I ended up with a cut, typical. The sandpaper has now seen some action, a little late.

The tips of my progression 140 are fairly stabby. The only thing I dislike about this foil, I love it. Has anyone had any luck with trimming the tips of a Unifoil Progression foil without noticeable performance losses. I’m sure its shaped that way for a reason, but personally I’d be happy with a small drop in performance for a nice confidence increase.
I know it may seem criminal after all your hard design work but @Erik and @Clifford. have you any advice on what may be a good chop shape/amount? Or do you advise against any loss of tip? Did you try any less stabby tip shapes? or could you even try some fairly simple chops in your design software and advise progression riders on a good recommend chop. Hopefully this will keep more unifoil riders in the water and sticking with the brand!

id use some 100 grit paper and knock the sharp edges off , then change to 220 paper to smooth it out and then go thru a few grades of paper to neaten it up 360 400 600


I go 800 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000… Maybe that’s too fine though… just like the mirror finish and super fine dust . You could take some serious material off with 100 !!! Maybe the units are different here

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Same here - love the Progressions but eyeing those tips for a chop. Would be nice to know how much would be too much. Also what aspect of the performane would be affected most by chopping the tips? I cant imagine glide and stall speed suffering as much as tip breach recovery for example. Roll and speed would improve hopefully.

Quite an aggressive chop on this 125P. Doesn’t seem to hold him back but he’s a pro. Anyone else tried chopping their Progression wings to this extent? Would love to hear the effect on turning and pumping.