Should you push through a LA or go HA?

Hey all, ive been starting my foil journey on a unifoil vortex 150 and 4,2 prone board, im 80kg. Now at the stage of connecting waves but as hard as i go pumping back out past 30m it just isnt easy to keep speed. Should I be upgrading to a HA or stay on the LA to better techniques over the long run?

If you are at the connecting waves stage then I think you will be blown away by moving to an HA like the Hyper2. Or wait a few months and get a Progression. Yes, you will need to adjust your surfing techniques on an HA but the benefits will far outweigh the liabilities. And most of the newest HAs are designed to maximize pump, glide, and surf (roll). I have never ridden a Vortex but expect even the Vyper is a massive upgrade in terms of pump and glide with no loss in surf ability.

And by the way, kudos to you for sticking with a good easy to learn on LA wing and learning the basics. I see too many people jumping to HAs just to pump and it hinders their progression actually surfing waves in my opinion.


Thanks for the tips! I might wait for the progression and jump on that as soon as it comes. Its been a grind so may aswell wait and build the pumping muscles for a month more or so.

I definitely do feel that the LA is super beneficial in the ways of having to work harder to dial in begginer skills like pumping and connecting

Wait for the progression. The vortex is very hard to pump far. But it’s a very good surf wing. So work on your carves for now.

When you get a progression 170 you will be blown away. You probably need a new mast too. Plus the new tail wings. Either the 3 pack or the one they’re releasing next.

If you really want to spend money right now. Either get a Katana mast, or a KDMaui Marlin tail.

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Don’t overlook the MA wings like Vyper. If you can pump a 150 Vortex 30m then you’ve learned it all. Also depends on the type of waves and how you want to ride them. Vyper carves hard on steeper or faster waves similar to Vortex, but is much faster and pumping is way better than Vortex but also easier compared to Hyper.
If you are more into 'n upright, flowing style gliding on smaller, weaker waves the HA wings are better. But you will still miss the tight carves and the ease of the Vortex.
Depending on budget, suggest keep the 150 for the bigger days and get a 170 Vyper and 85cm mast. Or wait for the Progression and demo both. If you want to sell the Vortex, the 150 Vyper could be a one-wing quiver for 80kg.