Uni Hyper 150 or 170 for winging

Anyone used a Vyper 150 or 170 for winging in short period swells?
Curious what their experience was?
Wing a bunch in La Ventana and was looking for something different from usual HA wings I use.

They work good for winging. Not going to have the glide of a higher aspect foil of course. Turning performance on the wave is great.

And a Vyper 170 review. He has chapter markers. So skip to just the swell riding parts if you prefer.

Thanks! yea, I found this one on YT; it’s a very good review however I was just wondering if anyone w/i the prog. project forum have used the Vyper 150/170 for winging?
Also curious which fuse, short or med? I’ll probably go with a med!

Well, I’ve traded off with him in the water since I wing with Rob on occasion. I like the medium fuse.

I have used the vyper 150 and 190 for winging. Very easy to get up on foil and super forgiving in the bumps. They are a bit slower but they actually seem to match the pace of the wind bumps in my experience.
Don’t think you’ll be breaking any records but you’ll have lots of fun carving around.

Thanks man, that’s kinda what I expected; still planning on using my HA foils here and there,
Just looking to mix it up a bit.
thanks for the info👍