Sunova dw board compatible with lift foils?

Hi team, anyone tried this combo?
Sunova Aviator Downwind Elite 6’6 x 21.75
Are the boxes far enough forward for lift foils?

Yes they are. I had that board and also have a sunova 6’10 x 18 now and both builds were fine for lift. I think I run my lift gear a little behind where most people run lift but there was a lot of room further forward in the box.

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Yes I have the 6’9’’ elite and use all lift gear. I ride it pretty close to the front of the tracks but still have maybe an inch left

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I have the aviator elite 6.3 x 21 and thinking of getting the 7.6 x 18
Would you recommend?! Is it a good change?!
Have u tried any other boards (KT etc?!) thanks