Surf and wave riding specific wing foil boards

Probably not what you are looking for, but FYI, they are also releasing some bigger boards soon too. They will have a “W” version of the upcoming downwind skipper, which is geared towards downwind winging and lightwind. 5’3 and 5’7 sizes are looking sweet.


Amundson has a sale going on right now for their Uncle Nugget at sizes from 4’6" up, which is very in line with what you are talking about… though you likely made your Appletree purchase by now.

I got a 4’10 55L Skipper, will update when it comes how it is! Custom with blue swirls, should be cool


Just a friendly heads up, has the Freedom Nugget and Wingnut (and the tow JATO) on a 20% off sale. Pretty rare to find newer models on sale so I thought I’d pass it on.

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I have a brand new FF Jato tow board that’s brand new (never in water), that I always go back and forth about selling

I bought the 4’6" 45L nugget wingboard recently to take on upcoming summer trips to double as a wingboard and a prone board. Proned it in some classic excellent Florida conditions the past few days and it is surprisingly really fun as a prone board (normally I ride a tiny Flylines production prone board).

Track is long and far forward so it’s great for the progression foil. Its pretty thick at 3.5’’ but has big chined rails that taper in the back so you can really lay into turns. Catches waves super early and has a very very nice balance. Going to replace the traction pad because it’s awful like 50grit sandpaper, i’m covered in rashes from 3-4 sessions. Haven’t even winged it yet but should be amazing in 15+knots considering that it’s so good for prone. It’s a pretty unstable shape for kneeling or crouching on so will require some skills winging for sure but I’m stoked for such a great travel combo since I love doing both sports so much.

Their 5’0 is 54L

The Rocket Wing “S” is designed for surf and different the the Rocket Wing which has more of a square nose.

Yea, I really liked that boards shape, but ultimately I didnt go for F one because I think their boards are overpriced greatly, I got an Appletree with custom colors + shipping for $1600 vs Carbon F One Rocket Wing for $2500? Easy choice.

Appletree seems like a great construction and price. How do you like it?

There’s a podcast with the founder of Appletree on Generic Foiling Pod that is great and makes them very attractive, especially given the pricing.

Should arrive in about 3 weeks, ill post again when I’ve got it!

I’ve had a few prone and wing sessions on the 4’7" 45L Nugget wingboard I just got, ~75kg advanced winger/proner, Florida small waves and light winds typically.

-Long box allows for lift/uni/armstrong up front or axis/gofoil in the back, great design
-Sinker board but still gets on foil quick, v-tail seems to help it release
-Pulled in v-tail really helps when doing tight turns to prevent touchdowns/tail drags, I like the design
-Looks cool, great graphics
-Lots of good strap position options if you are into straps
-Extremely cheap compared to other wing/prone boards, 30-50% cheaper than a lot of other brands/models

-Gripper absolutely sucks and will shred your flesh to pieces. I took mine off completely and replaced it.
-Production models do not have a handle, doesn’t really matter since it’s so small but the handles can be nice
-Somewhat heavy, definitely not full carbon lightness but maybe it’s extra durable?

Overall: Great board! I am very very happy with this purchase, got the backcountry deal for $1200 shipped, great value. Can go down to 13knots with this thing winging and still very fun for proning. Got it as a double time summer travel board for prone and wing and it fits the bill perfectly.

Check the new Chipri Pro from AFS, it’s an specific surf foil designed board. Lot’s of crazy curves but looks really nice.

you can subtitle the video in english for better understanding. As Velociraptor mentioned, for me also lately one the most important features is width, I’m riding 28lts 4’4" x 18,75" (custom local shaper) and I’m 68kg, and the narrow board feels like it cuts like butter so not so many litres needed to pop up, and once up on foil, at first it takes a while to adjust, but after adjusting, there’s just that awesome feeling of directness on the rolling side to side, love it.

AFS Advanced - La Chipri Pro - YouTube

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If I wanted to give prone a go would I be able to get up on my gear? 5’4 95L Fanatic skywing, HPS980. I know it’s big & wide but what would happen? I do surf (badly) & beginner/intermediate winger but would like have a go just for a laugh.

It works. I’ve proned a wing board. They suck to paddle because they’re wide. They are big and heavy to pump. It works though. Takes off in tiny white water easier than my prone board actually.

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Oh no you don’t know what you have just started!! OK next question - other surfers, are we allowed to cut them in half or is that frowned upon?

So i think the question i’m starting to ask for wing foiling boards is “Small hand wing or small board”. I find myself happiest in conditions in which i’m underpowered - right on the edge of being able to get on foil. In these conditions i’m comfortable and happy on foil, its just miserable getting up.

I’ve gotten up on my prone board a few times - i just find that to do it i need to be super lit the whole time which is not so much fun for wave winging.

I’m leaning towards getting a small downwind board (6’ x 18" ish) to hopefully get more range on my hand wings for more of that light-in-hand feeling while riding. Looking at the boards and track placement it seems like most of the additional length is added behind the feet/foil so the swing weight penalty won’t be as bad as a larger traditional (planing style) wing board.

Also, i’d point out that alot of the production “surf winging” boards like the fanatic are just freestyle(jumping) boards because the Wingfoil World Tour wave events are much more freestyle than wave focused compared to the riding most surf foil focused regular folks are doing.


I have a 5’ 75L fanatic wing board that I have tried to prone, it’s horrible in every way for prone, good lightwind winging board though.

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My latest board is 5’3 x 23 83L with really pulled in thin tail made for wave riding
I’m 92kg with dodgy wind on inside at our wave spots, board feels great but not had any decent waves yet for true test.
Super light as well 5.1kg with front straps

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