Tail shape in prone boards

To be fair my test only made the tail thicker. What I think would be totally different would be to make the tail wider… but that is a much more difficult task, hence ordering a new board seems the better option.

From everything said here I am thinking a bit of everything. Definitely more volume. Definitely a wider tail. And definitely a bit more length. Not 100% sure on the width increase, but maybe a bit.

Current board is 4’5 x 19.5 @ 32L. I think something around 4.8 x 20 @ 36-38L and with a wider tail, more like a slightly longer Omen Flux, rather than a new style mid length. If I eventually get something new I will let you all know if its any better or not.

my #1 takeaway is that traditional surfing has determined our aesthetic for what a good board looks like. The more a foil board looks good to a surfers eye, generally the worse it is. I shaped a board that looked like hot garbage and it was magic. New board looks much better but doesn’t ride nearly as well.