The new SPG Missile

Anyone ridden the SPG Missile

Yes I have. They’re unbelievably fast foils. When I first got on one it really took me by surprise the thing just flies. I’ve now spent a month or so riding both the 120 and the 170. I live on the south coast of the UK so am riding in very weak small surf and I found the 170 the more ‘instant’ of the 2 in our conditions. It has about a metre wing span so is relatively wide, so it isn’t quite as loose as the Game Changer 170 in the surf but it is incredibly efficient and has amazing speed and glide. For this reason I found it excelled for shore runners and even prone DW. The 120 was trickier to dial in. In our weak conditions I didn’t get on well with the stock (fusion) tail which seemed to accentuate the higher stall speed. I went back to my usual KD blunt which I shimmed up 1.5 and found that this made it much more user friendly in our waves (which are weak knee to shoulder high windswell). It prefers a quicker cadence, lighter pump than the Game Changer but is now my favourite foil. It handles breaches particularly well and the extra speed makes turns feel spicier and you cover loads of ground really quickly on the pump. Both the 120 and 170 don’t seem to ‘top out’ - you can get them going so fast where you would be fighting to keep the foil down normally but these things just seem to feel more locked in pitch wise. It’s taken me a while to get used to but I now absolutely love both foils. For full disclosure I should say I am the UK rep for SPG - so would be keen to hear others’ thoughts…


What is the exact wing span of the 170 and 120 ?

The 120 is 84cm and the 170 is 97cm wide

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OK thanks, the Kujira 1095 is 96cm I belive and it surf good so I guess this one might be also turn good, it is not only the wing span that matters.
You will let us know !