Tip repairs foils

Does anyone have any good advice for repairing chipped/broken tips? I have hit the tips a few times now and they are starting to look worse for wear!

Not sure the best thing to do? Build it up with some epoxy filler and try to sand it back the to original shape? Or reshape the tips to get fair it smooth again? or sand it square for a completely new look?

Any advice very welcome.

I have had a lot of success using black super glue with spray accelerant for small repairs like that. For me the key is to do the repair sooner than later to prevent it from becoming an epoxy reliant repair.

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If you have access to epoxy, the best is epoxy with filler and black pigment (as you said). Use some masking tape to avoid epoxy sticking in the rest of the surface, as it is a pain to sand once it cures.

For smaller scratches just sanding is fine, but the one on the photo seems too big for that.

No access to epoxy, super glue works just fine as Bwalnut says.

Good luck with that!!!

I ended up with 4 different repair technique…

1- for small scratches… The magic pen. Honestly I was shocked how easy and well it worked. And being black its almost invisible. Massive thumbs up to this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG_NJp5pbAQ

2- For slightly bigger chips and dents… Epoxy resin with graphite powder. Was a bit harder to sand back to a good shape, but felt like a strong option that wont just chip away again. Big thanks to this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXXyvqLlrtU

3- Finally for a proper snapped tip I used some carbon offcuts with epoxy. Made a sort of mould from tape. Again like above, a bit harder to sand back to the right shape, but feels super strong.

Hope that helps people in the future. But definitely check out that pen thing to clean up a scratched and abused foil.