Tow foil contest

Thoughts? Guess this was just a promo filler. Must say I couldn’t really watch very much of it at all.

Looks like verytime there is no wind, they do a surf town competition on the side.
I think it is lame, I don’t like straps, I don’t like jetski assist.

Boring to watch but that definitely looks like fun to do!


Yes, definetly fun to do I guess but if this is the futur of surf foiling competition I would be desapointed.

This one wave from the highlights looks like a rare instance of the rider finding the rhythm of the wave, but generally wave seems too fast and riders seem to be surfing it as if they still had a wing in their hand and are overfoiled

Also interesting they are doing a “free fly” downwind pump section of the wing races. They are trying different things which I think is cool, and glad to see it’s not just a clone of windsurf/kitesurf racing

This clip with the wing actually looks relatively better than without.

Winging in waves looks like an expensive game. 2 wings diced in one session…

I’m all for foiling but I’ve seen clips from this cabo verde competition and a wing/foil is the wrong tool for the job. These guys are holding on for dear life barely turning like it’s jaws (which it basically is relative to foiling) These waves would be awesome and so rippable on a regular shortboard surfboard simply surfing.

For me the key is picking the right tool for the conditions with the goal to maximize fun/flow in nature, not “foil all the time”. I kitesurfed this morning and it was fantastic, going for prone downwinder this afternoon, winging tomorrow, surfing sunday (probably prone foil but maybe shortboard if barrels to be had). Foils are amazing because they open us so many more conditions but don’t forget the other tools in the toolbox.


I appreciate that they showed the thrashings. Looks like kind of a harry spot to get caught inside with all of that gear. I get thrashed in much less!