Foiling contests. Why no coverage?

I’ve found highlights on instagram for the foiler’s of Aloha contest at Kalapaki Bay. The Gofoil account stories have some. Hawaiianalldatime stories have different angles of the best ones. They’ll be gone by tomorrow though which sucks. Does anyone release edit’s of these contests? I hate when it’s only on instagram stories and just get lost to the ether.

For Prone I think it was.

Jack Ho #1
Mateo Ell #2
JDIronsKauai #3

There was also the Merimbula classic in Aus this past weekend. Haven’t seen any footage of that. Just saw that Zane Westwood got #1 in wing foil division.


Conditions looked super heavy for foiling. Hopefully we’ll see some contest edits drop in the next week or so.

blueplanetsurf has a video up on youtube


Here’s a link: Foilers of Aloha- Kalapaki surf foiling contest highlights - YouTube


Yes not much about this contest, it would be nice to have a full report. How was the judging (criteria, etc). I noticed it was heat of 6 riders, that must be hard to judge.

That’s what’s most confusing right now. What is the criteria for foiling contests? Until that is understood, the footage I’m seeing is hard to make sense of.

I would’ve declared Mateo the winner after he landed that air.

I’m a little bit desapointed by the footage, definetly not a surf foil wave. But that was the condition of the day so you have to do with what is an offer.
I prefer seeing the riders doing big carving turns on the reform instaed of trying to get barreled on the inside bowl.

Agreed. At least the wing tour is putting out good videos and social posts.

We are still waiting for Erik and Mike to make a surf foil event !

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Devil’s advocate: maybe foiling attracts more than its share of the non-competitive surf-minded folks? Speaking for myself, one of the main attractions was getting away from the crowd, out of the pecking order. It isn’t that I was unable to compete for my share of waves (though that was getting more challenging with age and fitness), it’s more that the competition and associated aggro wrecked surfing for me. Foiling is magic, being alone with a few buddies getting truly amazing experiences. Does the competitive vibe risk rubbing off some of that magic?

The other part is that day to day regular foiling feels great and looks lame. A typical day sees our crew grinning ear to ear jabbering about epic best day ever, and the local surf crew are just shaking their heads wondering what we’re on. The conditions look terrible and our riding is sub-par, but the stoke is massive … you need to experience it to understand the radness. Which means, other than remarkable riding in remarkable conditions, the riding doesn’t have a lot of mainstream appeal.

Freak sport for freak-minds, keep it freaky! But if you must compete, then go the expression session route.


Competition doesn’t have to be “bad” with aggro attitude, etc…
Think more about sharing experience, meet new peole, parking talk, gear testing, discover new places, ect…
Competition is fun. Also it is good opportunity to get better, to improve your level, foiling with other people, see how they ride how they perform, etc


Nice surfing from Jack