Aging F-One foils?

I had the good fortune to ride a SK8 1050 today and found it extraordinary for our waist to chest wind swell. So I’m thinking quite hard about adopting F-One.

How does the Titan mast foot connection hold up. Does it wear out in a way that makes the foil wobbly or unsteady. Any criticism of 3 M-6 screws vs 2 M-8 in SAB/Axis/Uni?

Do F-One riders feel confident in the connection to take their new bigger pump wings?

What do you weigh and how hard are you on gear? You don’t have to be an engineer to see that the F-one mast to fuse connection is a little weak compared to Lift, Axis, Uni, Code et al. I know of two complete plane losses last summer due to bolt failure. That said, get yourself some top quality bolts and keep them tight, there should be no problems if UR light.

Friends here are looking forward to the “Jam” 140cm span F-one pump foil. No way is that gonna hold up very long…

Top quality stuff, iffy design.

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Bad news on both accounts unfortunately.


I’m interested to know what screws you recommend?
I’ve been wondering if I should source some Titanium screws. I know it has a better strength to weight than stainless, but it’s also softer, so not sure if that could be a downside when used on foils, especially in m6?
I changed from Armstrong to F-One. I’m glad I did in terms of rider experience but the build quality and construction of F-One stuff is defo the compromise. Saying that, it’s been almost a year now and nothing’s broken. I think it’s just really important not to over tighten your screws. I use Tefgel and have never had bolts loosen over a sesh.

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Hey, thousands of people use that type of connection every day with no problems. I’m sure whatever screws come directly from F-one are perfectly adequate (probably A4-80 stainless, don’t use Ti). They should just be checked before every session to confirm they’re tight. Problems come from repeated disassembly and reassembly with all brands but this type of connection is particularly vulnerable to bolt failure. The tradeoff is a theoretical decrease in drag. I always check my mast bolts every time even though I rarely disassemble… except my Go Foil kit :joy:


I never had a screw loose on my foil or broke one and I jump a LOT with my f-one gear while winging. My “big friend” even Jump a 1400 seven seas and he is over 200lbs…never had anything loose or broken…and he has his mast/top plate/mast foot for over 2 years now. So…if someone loose a plane…with titan mast foot…maybe he screwed the wrong size screw? Not saying it’s impossible, some bad batch of screws can alway happen…nothing is perfect…but I would not worry about that vs other brand.


sooooooo, we should not be disassembling and reassembling after each ride?


Been riding F-one for the last few months with my cedrus mast. I was worried about the M6 screws initially, but never even had one loose after a session.

I did hear about a a lost plane, but that was from using screws that were too short.


I am a mechanical engineer and I chose the fone connection over axis etc. it is far superior design from an engineering point of view and not destined to suffer wear like the others you mention.


I have definitely seen some worn out connections especially in composite mortice-tenon type connections resulting in loose parts. Also worn out threads in screws and inserts.

I am currently not reusing screws in part because I worry a bad thread on the screw may damage the inserts. Very inexpensive to replace screws with each assembly.

I’ve definitely seen enough corroded aluminum threads that Id like to ditch aluminum completely.

Wear to the mast / fuse joint could become an issue over time, exacerbated of course by dis / reassembly. I wish everything in the foil system was this easy to fix though, just a schmear of epoxy with your finger when things start to get loose. In five years now I’ve never had to do this so I guess it’s not much of an issue (or I just don’t keep my foils very long).

I was recently looking over a friends 850 sk8 and I will say one area of construction did look very good to me. They have addressed the potential for cracking in the web area where the trailing edge of the front foil meets the fuse. I’ve cracked two different manufacturers foils in this area, clearly a weak point on thinner, higher AR foils.

Unfortunately the bad outweighs the good for me or maybe more accurately, other manufacturers systems are a better value. F-one in the US has priced themselves out of the market. Better deals available in the EU.


Ive been doing it everyday for 4months now…
Its the best way to transport/store in car imo.

I havent been thinking about the issues from disassembly until reading this thread…but incould say that it should be fine unless you overtighen each time causing metal wear?

After about 150 sessions my aluminium titan has no play and threads are fine. Have since moved to the monobloc carbon mast but the advantage of the aluminium system is being able to replace the titan connector part at a relatively low cost if needed. I use tefgel, disassemble the plane after each session and change my m6 bolts once a year for peace of mind.

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What torque are you using to tighten (and not over tighten) M6 and M8 bolts , with and without lubrication like Tefgel?

About 500-600kj! ;-)))

I use tefgel about 2 times a season and tight then pretty snug. I only take out the plane each session.

I only undo my mast about 2-3 time a year when I travel and everything is fine.

I unscrew a 1/4 turn once in a while to see if everything is good and i never had a problem with the Top plate or the Titan mast foot.

The system is better than what I’ve used in the past…there is 0 movement at the mast foot. my friend had to shim his top plate with alu but it never happened to me yet. It’s a pretty solide and reliable system.

All m6

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the connection is totally ok you just have to re-tighten the 3 screws before every session.

Exactly, or just check them. With that type of connection the bolts are subject to repeated bending forces if the bolts loosen.

SS fatigues with repeatedly tightening so replace every 6 months, they’re cheap

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Hi there
I lost a plane
After two days riding without checking bolts. They were loosen and they broke
My advise: check bolts always before first day ride
Also if you tighten too much it can lock with salt