Uni Or Armstrong for Armstrong Board

Just got the Armstrong DW 140 and loving it. Nimble. Light. Been on GoFoil since the beginning, but have been daydreaming about and looking for an excuse to jump to the progression setup. I have the GF v2 mast all the way back (in front four holes) and practically have to hang five off the deck pad to keep it down. Sounds like a good excuse, but I’m wondering how the Progression works with the Armstrong tracks positioning and if I should consider Armstrong. Anyone have experience with these? Thanks much! :facepunch:t4:

I have the original 7’2” Armstrong DW board and run the mast at 6 with the Progression 170 and 140. It is almost centered in the tracks.

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I feel like the tracks are maybe further forward on the latest Armstrong boards. I’m new to the brand though. ??