Uni Wingnuts For Mast To Board?

Has anyone here tried the Wingnut mast to board screws? Titanium wingnuts with t-nuts – Unifoil Hydrofoils

A friend just recommended them and the idea is sweet: adjust your mast postion on the fly without a tool. Love it. However, I wonder if they will create too much drag?

Anyone here use them for prone and can share their experience?



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They are great, but the Hydrofoil Wingscrews are better (I have had both). They are most useful when dialing in a new setup and they allow you to adjust mast position on the water, but I use them almost all the time because it makes it faster to set up and break down without tools. Without a doubt there is more drag, but I’m not sure I notice it.

For some reason I find the Unifoil ones loosen up more than the Hydrofoil Wingscrews. I also don’t love the squared edges.


Get the Wingnuts M8 Takuma 30MM with the taper. Idk about you but I don’t want sharp metal edges anywhere near myself or my gear. You need the tapered wings for a Katana mast or any mast with a thicker base plate slope.

They are extremely useful to test new configs, makes you dial in after 5 waves instead of 5 sessions. After I’ve got it figured out I switch back to the normal screws to reduce drag again because I have a long paddle at my spot. If you can pump back out, they make very little difference since you paddle so much less. Most times I wont use Wingnuts is if the wind or waves look questionably weak and I dont want any excess drag to hinder getting on foil.

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I’ve got them, love the convenience of them for quickly flipping the board over in the water and adjusting mast position but on the down side I’ve now lost two of them to the ocean, they seem to come loose for some reason and single replacements aren’t available so it cost me another pack of 4.

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did you try emailing the owner? Probably would’ve sold you a single

2 dealers and unifoil direct wouldn’t sell me a single

I’ll sell singles if anyone needs them. I have 7 and only need 4 (don’t ask).


Hahah you’re not in Australia are you? I have 6 and only need 4 now :joy:

I’d also probably have to agree with the above despite not having used them with my experience with the uni t-bolts if I had my time again I’d probably get the hydrofoil ones

Ah I thought you meant wingnuts, I think that guy wouldve done it for sure

I actually did send him a message, nice guy but nope couldn’t sell a single either

I don’t like to mention it in a public forum but I am the guy who sells hydrofoil wingscrews. Not Unifoil, the other ones. I normally don’t sell singles, I usually give them away for free…you just pay shipping. Sometimes I don’t have the exact same thing, possibly not the same color, etc. but can almost always find something close and compatible so you can still use your set.
Thanks, Scot


Amazing Scot @HFWS, yeah we had a chat a few months ago, unfortunately at that time you mustn’t have had any uni katana compatible ones lying around (I’m now down 2 unis :man_facepalming:t2:)

Great offer though and as above I’d recommend people probably just buy your sets before the uni sets in future.

I probably have something now that will work on the Unifoil Katana mast. Please get in touch. I should have mentioned this before, but the free ones may have a small cosmetic blemish or something like that. 100% functional, just not something I would sell. Sometimes they are just extras with no flaws. It just depends what I have on hand.

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Very generous of you Scot, I’ve just sent you a message on instagram but please don’t feel obliged I’d rather you helped original HFWS owners before me and my uni bolts but I’ll continue to encourage people to get yours over the uni ones going forward as I’ve now lost two of mine to the sea despite checking they are tight each surf

This is all I’ve ever used. So good for tweaking while out back. Even when i think i know where i want my mast i like to shift it around depending on how big the waves are.

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Just bought a set from @HFWS ! Scot was really helpful. Stoked for the advice here. Happy to get a set that won’t fall out. :slight_smile:

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I also bought some from Scot @HFWS who was a delight to deal with and can confirm they have taken over the uni bolts in my board and I’m proudly rocking the awesome sticker on my board (does that make me a team rider??) :joy:

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