Unibody foil - mast

Have you seen the new fliteboard. I can care less about efoils, but it’s the first time we’ve seen a unibody mast to fuse connection. It’s been discussed but everyone says it’s too cost prohibitive to ship , as well as being not versatile.

I wonder if we will see unibody foils in the market

Gofoil unibody mast/fuse… :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, literally the first surf foil!

All kidding aside from a structural perspective I like delta’s mast/fuse config. Mast and front part of the fuse is one piece and the rear fuse bolts on at the mast. Strong and stiff on the short/highly loaded end. Modular on the longer less loaded end.

Comparing it to a one piece wing fuse connecting to the mast I think it might be better in theory since the mast connection has more load than the wing connection but I think it’s practically easier to design the mast fuse connection to be stiff.