New Takuma Mast

Has anyone tried the new Takuma Mast? It looks like they changed the mast to fuse connection system. Any insight?

Looks like they went to Bigger bolts on the mast/fuse connection and a carbon mast aluminum fuse combo. Should be interesting to see if they can hold up better than the older ones. The foil themselves are great - but still too sharp!

Wayyy to sharp. Got 6 stitches to my heel the other month with very little force from the foil.

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Ouch, sorry to hear that! Which part got you? Was it the winglets or another part of the foil? I’ve filed down the winglets and corners on the tails and am wondering if there are other parts I need to fix.

It happened while trying to make a tricky drop where my feet ended up getting tangled with the foil. I’m pretty sure it was the trailing edge of the tail. The stock takuma tails are thinned out so much. I don’t think is possible to sand it down substantially since it’s just the thin profile.