Unifoil progression complete set 33% off

Unifoil Complete Set:

Progression 140
13” tail pack
83 katana mast
Medium fuselage

$2300 new, selling for $1500 shipping not included

Shaun 808-269-4171
I live in Kalispell MT

Hi I’m interested. Which kind of mast (carbon standard, katana, aluminium etc)?

Anything broken or not fit right? Any issues with the gear? Interested in selling pieces?

Also why you moving to Axis?

First time he is posting

and he says he is switching FROM a prog140 to Axis…

make sure he facetimes you the setup LOL, could be a scam


I’ve been speaking with Sean… not a scam…
I really liked the progression 140 for winging and swell riding but not as much as I liked the spitfire 900 behind the first wake for wakefoiling…
I just got it a month ago and wouldn’t be switching if Uni offered something similar… tried the viper 150 and didn’t like it as much as the p140

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True story. Shaun showed me it on video. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Axis family brö. The spitty 900 is a pure gold schralper. Wait till you get on the art pro 1051…fuuuuck

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turns out shipping is insane, gonna have to wait until I can sell it locally or in Cali… nice to hear that someone else prefers Axis and that I’m not crazy haha… BTW I love the P140 , was a game changer coming off of my old Gofoil setup… I’m just looking for a more surfy and buttery foil for first wake airs n tricks. Noah flegal is my inspiration and he’s riding low aspect I believe. Got on the Spitfire 900 with a KD 14R tail and it was pure heaven!

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Sorry to be the grammar police but I think the correct spelling is faaaaaaaaaaaak

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