Where to buy Unifoil progression 170; when available?

Hi anyone can point me where to buy the new Progression 170? When available and who to get from? Preorder?

Any guidance very appreciated, looking so forward to step it up on this new foil. thanks in advance, jd

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https://foilshop.com/ is a dealer. It’s not on the website yet, but Josh is good at replying so maybe ask him.

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Second vote for foil shop.

I hear Uni will start taking orders March 1 for delivery in early April, obviously subject to change.

I’m pulling for unifoil with this wing. I would buy it today if available. Unfortunately, seems like lots of new stuff coming out now/soon. Axis surf wings, new takuma & new lift wings. I hope they don’t miss their window.

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March April of what year? (apologies, I’m still suffering from Post Traumatic Vyper Release Disorder)


I’m in the process of getting a 170 hyper2 setup in anticipation of getting a 140 progression wing as well when those come out, they told me Good Breeze in cocoa will have them, also Houston Kiteboarding. Said “early april”

like the GM electric truck they were advertising during the superbowl last night…“coming late 2024”!!!

But to be fair none of the other brands’ new generation wings are available either. Even Cabrinha that did a big announcement last month is pushing back their ship dates on the new wings, now “mid-March”.

The development of the progression wings was just so public and apparently it’s so good that we are all drooling to get it ASAP


Wonder what the overlap between those wings is. I’m on the h2 190 and it rides much smaller and wants much more power than you would expect at that size. I’m thinking 190/140 is going to be my quiver and I might even need a 210.

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Soon!!! I hope!

Uni just dropped a video comparing the hyper and progression with Josh Ku and Tom Earl breaking it down. I agree with most of what was said. Youtube

The one downside of doing the project in the way we did, which was conceived publicly and openly discussed is that it seems longer in duration. We also hit Chinese New Year which takes away a month. I can say that feedback from everyone testing has been better than I was hoping and across all levels.


I am getting a setup from Foil Shop and speaking with Josh has been really awesome. I am on the East and still ordering from the West because of the guidance Josh has in my purchase. Pointing me in the right direction with gear and also in general taking the time to help me out.


Currently the following shops are Unifoil dealers and will be stocking the Progression wings:
The Foils Shop - Seal Beach, CA
Houston Kiteboarding - Texas City, TX
Good Breeze Kiteboarding - Coco Beach, FL
Big Winds - Hood River, OR

We will be thanking pre orders shortly and shipping out the new Progression wings out in April 2023 to our Dealers.