UniFoil Viper 130 which tail?

Which tails work well with the Viper 130? Perhaps the Progression tails or Takuma 158 or 178 tails?


Been riding the Vyper 130 in solid Costa Rica surf the last few days. Been riding a Progression 14.5 because it’s all I’ve got here. Using a two shim. Foil in the back of the box. Ripping setup.

Feels great. Rippable and pumpable.

I’m 6’4” 230 pounds though! So not sure how that translates to a smaller rider.

13.5 Progression would probably be great. Faster than the Kujira tails.

Been Using the Vyper 150 w/ short fuse, neutral G10 uni tail and 2 degree shim. @230 lbs I can get going in almost anything I can paddle into.

I’ve tried a few different tails and have found it seems to like a larger tail with zero shim or smaller tail with +2 shim. If you go a fast tail with no shim the forward pitching at high speed is uncontrollable. Depends on size of your waves though. 178 works well no shim, so does the 13 shiv/shunt with +2 shim, and 14.5 progression no shim is great. Haven’t tried 13.5 progression though