Vyper 150 + short fuse for winging

Hi, new here.

I am currently wing foiling using a Signature Albatross 210, which I think it’s similar to a Hyper2 210.

I would like to invest into a smaller front wing. There is a Vyper 150 for sale with a short fuse, I think the owner is using it mainly for proning. How would that go for wing foiling in waves and flat water? I am intermediate and about 60kg.

It’s quite a small wing but MA, and I’m not sure about the short fuse.


It will work well.

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The Vipers are a specialized foil for wave riding steep powerful waves and as such work well in those conditions, but for winging in general they do not work well.

Everything works winging. Just know it’s going to kill your low end. You like being lit? You want to be doing so many turns your brain gets tired? Go for it!

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Thanks for the replies.
It’s very hard to commit without trying, I am getting conflicting responses.
Maybe a progression wing would be more suitable?

Prog 125 will be your best bet I’m sure.

But winging everything works. You won’t have the massive glide more high aspect foils will allow. But they have lots of low end and grunt to get up early.

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I got a V150 + 1 bolt medium fuse, like new condition. Used it a little for prone and a few wing sessions; speed was very good, easily 20+ but turning even better. I’ll give you a great deal if interested. Shoot me a private message.