Waterlogged foil board?

Hey Folks, I have an Amudson-prone board- 37l 4’10. It got a crack in the nose and one in the foil box, both small but I foiled on it for a while. At first, some water and air came out, after drying for a week, using some light air pressure, light heat, shop vac, paper towel to draw water out, there is no water coming out anymore. Here is the mystery: It weighs 1.75 lbs heavier than a new one, it feels like a tank, and weighs 7.8 lbs. I drilled some weep holes in it to get more air circulation. Still heavy, still no water coming out. Its EPS and Ive been told it could hold that much water, but if so, where is it? Does anyone have experience with this issue? Thanks for any assistance.

I successfully dried out a few boards over the years. If you can get it out in the sunlight, it helps a ton. Generally for very waterlogged boards, you need to drill a hole in the tail or the nose and set the board vertical so gravity goes to work.

If you really want to get it dry, the very best way is to shove a tube in the hole you drilled, put some mastic around it to seal it up and connect to a vaccuum pump. Maybe don’t pull too hard a vaccuum to avoid damaging the board. But you won’t believe how much water comes out. Leave it in the sun with the vacuum running all day and you’ll probably get as far as you will ever get back to original weight. Patch up and go

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When you stomp on the board pumping, it’s like squeezing a sponge. The water gets soaked everywhere through the board.

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I built a system years ago to apply vacuum to board(s) to extract water.

The key was to allow air flow through the board. Especially if the ding has been absorbing water for a while. Vacuum and heat (aka sunshine) together and the board shouldn’t delaminate.

But it was a slow, long process:


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The heat idea just made me realize that I could put it in my sauna at low heat. Going to give that shot as it is still winter here in New England and not many such warm/sunlit days.