Board is Leaking from its Tracks

I noticed my board felt heavier and I could hear water sloshing around when I flipped it. I left it upside down outside for a week or so, and now I can see dried salt left on the tracks. Is there anyway to fix dings within the tracks? It’s a used board that’s been through a lot, so maybe it’s time to put it down for good lol.

I am following this. I have one that takes on water. I assume mine is cheap construction and that the track box cut out is not glassed in and sealed prior to having the box installed.

I haven’t thrown it out yet just in case someone comes up with a magic solution.

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I’d expect a pro shop could fix that. I’d expect to pay $300.

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Would drying the board and glassing over the fin box work? Maybe there is only one cheap way to find out?

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I just finished replacing the tracks on two prone boards. I may be wrong but I don’t see an easy or quick way to fix soft or leaking tracks. I cut the whole box out and replaced it with high density foam. It was a bit overkill and heavier than stock but it appears to be holding up.


Thanks for the input. I assumed that was the proper fix as well, gutting the entire track. Was it difficult to do? I’ve only repaired PU and some epoxy surfboards, but nothing like this.

you’ll only know for sure after opening it…
Tracks leaking happens, the bond between the lamination and the top of the boxes is weaker than the rest, so it easily delaminates.
The worrying part is the water sloshing, there’s a cavity somewhere.
I suggest to start by peeling the glass off the top the boxes and see what’s under…

Best case, you just need to fill small gaps with microballon and glass back on top.
Worst case: it needs full box replacement. (unlikely if the box are not moving).

I fixed a few delaminated production boards that most likely started with leaking box: water get in, board gets used in the sun, build a bit of pressure made worse by the humidity inside and deaminates. they’re fully back in service, stronger than they were before.

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A leak is the least of what’s wrong with this board. It’s 100% too soft to perform. Flex is the real issue that caused the problem, the leak is just a symptom. Even if you do fix it, it’s still going to be flex and ride poorly. Not worth it to fix.


Depends on where it is leaking. If it is a small hole where the carbon bottom joins the top of the track then the fix can be straightforward. I put mine in the hot sun after a session and could see it bubbling from this location. I ground down the area, flushed with fresh, let it dry out. Then re-laid carbon to repair. Mine leaked because the track box wasnt perfectly flat on its top bonding surface so I ground them down. Before applying new carbon take a lighter and burn the plastic on the top of the box and lay the carbon fairly quickly after - less likely to delaminate again. Mine still solid after 3 years of heavy use. Good luck.

I do notice that it’s getting soft. I’m not familiar with the cause of flex. Is it from repeated use and the accumulation of force from pumping/turning?

Almost all production boards are inadequate. I’ve seen boards start loosing the feeling on the first session. 1 year is old.

It looks like it is an Amundson Board. John makes great boards, maybe ask him what he thinks given the age etc.