What to buy next to improve my connect rate?

Hey all! It’s my birthday today and I am looking to spend some cash. Question is where? I am 72 kg riding a 2022 37L FFB, pp140, 75 katana, med fuse, 0 degree progression 14.5. All about prone and trying to link waves. Currently plateaud at maybe 70% connect on 2nd wave, 25% on 3rd, in a 5.5 mm wetsuit on clean day (mostly because I don’t stay high enough on the mast). Any suggestions on what to buy next to improve? NLv2 mast? Omen flux 36? New stab? $5 on a jump rope? THANKS in advance for any insight

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Foil drive gen 2.

Not a joke or a dig. Every hobby is going to e assist. It will give you more on foil time and empty waves than any other foil accessory.

Edit: a nolimitz mast won’t help you connect any better. Sure feels good carrying your gear from the car though.


I have the P140 and P170 and find it much easier to connect waves on the P170.

If you want to give up some turning for easier connecting maybe give the P170 a go.


Maybe work on your pumping instead of buying new gear?


Amudson super model

Get some footage of your pumping to check what you are doing wrong.
Gear - 170 is much easier. I’m your weight with same setup and found the 170 surprisingly easier considering the similarity.

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If I may add a little insight. Since your already on the 140 to me personally that is a faster wing so if your not connecting because you are not making it to the next wave in time then I think you just need to work a little on your pump. With that said using the .5 or 1. degree tail shim won’t hurt either. You will stay on foil longer because of the extra help from the tail shim. Now with that said the 170 would also help. But to me I felt it was slow so actually ran that with a negative 1 degree shim in the tail to speed it up. But most likely you just need to practice a bit. Foiling in a 5 mill sucks. I am in the same situation. Working on technique is what I would say will help the most. Keep that mast high in pump but also keep that mast high exiting the wave so you have a lot of speed. Then you can just do little taps. If anything and you want to spend a few bucks go buy a baseplate shim. Set that up nose down and your pumping will be assisted a lot. I attached a link below. I have the flux and love that board. Actually know running exclusive Omen gear and I don’t think you need a new board just yet. But I think a board shim, maybe a little tail shim, keeping that mast high, working on technique, and a little land fitness will take you a lot further then a new board, mast, all that other stuff.

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Post a video of you pumping. Better place to start…

I’ve recently demo’d the Takuma, code, progression and F one. The 140 was my favorite for ease of connecting waves…
I came to the conclusion that the code made riding small wings possible. Once I got used to it my pumping got better exponentially. Now I can connect waves never possible before on foils once too small. When I got on the 140 I was blown away by the ease of pump and still able to turn. There are so many awesome foils. I’m 90kg and over 50.
So the point, learn to pump a small wing then a big wing like the 140 will be enough.

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That FFB is definitely flexing and messing with your pump. Get something stiffer. Portal maybe…


Every component can make your life better. Coming off the wave with more speed is free and should set you up for an easier time maintaining speed when pumping. There are a ton of variables to pumping.

Throwing money at is is easy but sounds like not a bad setup. Maybe a bit old and flexy on the board, but the rest sounds good.

Video helps.

  1. Front wing
  2. Stab
  3. Board
  4. Mast

Was the order for me that I started to change things. But I was coming from mid aspect wings.

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WOW! I really appreciate this community and all the valuable insight. It all resonates.
I actually have the pp170 and moved to the 140 for the speed, agility and general fun factor. Recently, in tiny waves I rode 170 again for first time in awhile and enjoyed slowing things down and the slightly easier pump. like someone said though if u leave the wave fast and high, I feel like I can pump the 140 just as well.
Heading to the DR Next week and planning to get video and experiment with a nose down baseplate shim, and a .5 and 1.0 on the stab. Also will look to try other boards. Good stuff. THANKS guys!


Also, a free way to make pumping easier is to trim the stab more negative and move the mast forward. Turning becomes more twitchy, responsive, and unstable but efficiency increases.

Buy a good dock start setup, practice your pumping skills.

At least that’s my plan for improving my connection success rate and increasing time on foil. When daylights savings time starts and I can go for prone sessions after work, instead of dock start sessions, then I will find out if my dock start experiment was worth the effort.

P.s. Happy birthday!


Post a video is really the only way to help. You’re asking us to help you solve a problem but we don’t know what the problem is.

It could be anything - staying too low on mast, uneven power distribution between front/rear leg, not coming off a wave with good momentum, too wide stance doesn’t fully utilize your downward weight on your pump, gear.

Also just want to add that people shouldn’t focus on the # of waves linked. Linking a wave from a 200 yard ride back up to the top once is very different from linking 10 waves each with 20 yard rides. When people post about how many waves they can link as if it’s an indicator of how good they are, the break they ride at makes a difference.

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Yes, all makes sense. Working on the video ……might take a week or two. THANKS!

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