Prone foil beginner; bigger guy

Hi all! Newbie query here for the initiated. I’m looking to get into probe surf foiling. I’ve surfed and sup surfed my whole life (42). I’ve mucked around on a sup foil a bit in the surf, caught a wave or two and just straight lined it. That was a few years ago. I purchased a Fliteboard Efoil and learnt to ride that around for last 5 months or so. Just flat water. Can stay in foil for most part and turn both directions. Usually have a fall or two in half hour sessions. I’m 6’3 and around 100kg. Fit but not small. Want some advice on a good prime surf beginner setup. Board, mast, wing etc. so much conflicting advice and most of guys I talk to that foil surf are smaller and in 70-80 kg mark. Any advice on a good setup? Cheers

What size board do you surf?
I’m 6’5 and 230 lbs. I learned on a 4’10 50L board. The Kujira 1210 was the foil I really started progressing on. You can get those for cheap now, but if you are looking to buy new there is better on the market now.

Used to be shorter. These days it’s mid range 7’6 and over. Ok cheers

Pretty much the same for me as the first post im 6’5 240 and ride a 42L board with a takuma 1210 but had to get a cedres mast cuz i broke the takuma stock mast.
Ive tried boards around 32 L its just a little more work and I’m usually surfing mushy waves so a little longer board is nice.
Good luck!