What's better for high aspect eagle or lift or art pro

In my mind there is no single style of wing that is best for surfing. If you want to work on your turns then something mid aspect is best. If you want to focus on connecting and/or you want to ride a slightly smaller span wing, then high aspect is better.

Just wondering what ur thoughts are on the 3 brands who are offering high aspect. Art pro is not yet released but it would be obviously a step up from the outdated arts in terms of better low end, better breach, maybe better turn.

The art pro seems like a down wind wing for large riders. Not a surf wing first. Axis overall seems to focus on providing foiling options for 200lb plus riders.

Lift has a lot of good wings for medium to high power waves. Their focus seems to be around 165lb riders (my opinion)

Fone I don’t know much about, but their wings seem really great. Especially if you are a lightweight-welterweight and live in a place with powerful waves.

Uni prog pumps almost as good as the axis 1099. Works great in weak waves and a weight range of 140-200 seems to be the sweet spot for 140 & 170 progression

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I feel like the art pro and lift hax should be compared directly as they are all very high aspect wings.

And the progression should be compared with the sk8 and spitfire and takuma 2 and cabrinha. This one I’m not looking for an answer to as they are all respectable wings.

As the only art pro has a 120cm span, that’s a pretty different wind range to the 99cm span of a 150X. Sounds like Lift will eventually have a larger X series but who knows when. The 110X (I think) has the highest AR at 13.1 of any “normal” sized wing on the market and is remarkably turny and user friendly considering. Sometimes the glide is astonishing and you have to adjust your view further forward.

Would love to see an expanded art pro lineup. Have kept all my Axis masts, tails and fuse but haven’t owned a front wing in some time. Would agree that Axis has more options for heavier riders while most other brands focus on the 65-75Kg range.

I think the F-one foils are top notch for somebody under about 75Kg.

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Ridden the Eagle 1090 & 890 and lift 150. The 1090 has a ton of glide and turns well (even with the DW 210 tail) Have only ridden the 150 a couple of times. I think they are both super user friendly and have a ton of glide. probably wouldnt go wrong with either. 1090 may have a bit more glide but hard to say with limited experience. The lift stuff is always super user friendly, the f-one is as well, very stable, fast, and glides.

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Been using 150 HAX / KD 13R, prone and Sup. Very user friendly, very good low end, smooth take off, good glide and turns well for its span.
Been extremely impressed with 1201 pro / 365/55 US advance fuse, both on prone and sup. I am a light weight and still the 1201 is by far the smoothest and pitch perfect wing I have ever ridden. Very forgiving in all aspect of riding! Can’t wait for smaller Art pro

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I now own the AFS PURE 1100HA - 1100mm Span - 11AR

  • I’m only 68kg, and got this mainly for downwinds.
    The downwinds are incredibly fast and easy now, it can carves good lines with ease and the glide is impressive.
    But, the surprise was that I took it for a spin in small waves surf foiling, this thing can handle some nice carves and pumps like crazy, got my PR running something around 10 - 12 waves for like 5 minutes, I consider myself an average guy with lots of flight hours. I’m ordering now the 800 which is 1000mm span and 12.5 AR.
    Basically my point is, this new Super High Aspects generation, give you the expected glide and speed, hold decently the low end (not the best obviously) but impressed me how a 110cm span wing can turn that good!

As mentioned in before replies, for surfing the lower AR will help a lot in roll reactivity and HA’s won’t compete there.

Has anybody tried any of the Axis “Skinny” tails with the 1201 or other wings? Intriguing but look pretty downwind / race oriented.

I have been running the skinny 360 tail for a while now. Paired with the 799 it’s faster, more efficient, and decreased the stall speed significantly from the progressive 350/275. Rode it with the 810 and it didn’t make a noticeable difference. Just rode it with the spitfire 840 and it worked great, but haven’t tried any other tails with that front wing yet. This is all prone in the surf I should add.

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Thanks! The 360 is probably as skinny as I’d dare go.