Which is harder to sell? Uni hyper2 or kujira 980?

I’m holding the kujira but looks like ppl with the hyper 2 also can’t even give ‘em away! Brutal!

I’ve got a NoLimitz 72cm Lift mast for $500 that hasn’t been feeling the love either. Really inconvenient when I already spent the money lol.

My experience with the 2nd hand market is that there pretty much isn’t one. the only gear that moves is new hard to get stuff or ultra cheap and nothin in between. You gotta virtually give it away. It’s all good, 1st world problems.

come to think of it there are a few old hall of fame wings that are still easy to move but theres only a few. actually i might start a thread on that

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My opinion is thst Uni may have done their resale market a disservice by (a) releasing things at different times and (b) maybe not enough marketing to differentiate the h2 and progression. The h2 and progression are both great wings and they both have their application, they are just different. Based on release date and marketing the market sees the progression as newer and newer = better, but that’s not totally the case. I think the resale market on the progression wings is much stronger than the hyper wings as a result.

More than anything, Erik has a very valuable mouthpiece in the market with his podcast. The progression is a phenomenal wing, and based on Erik’s outreach, the marketing outshone the hyper. The hyper is excellent but it never had the marketing that the progression had.

In my opinion resale market isn’t necessarily an indicator of performance. There are some good buys to be had.


I get you on the education piece, though surely net gain was to unifoil for letting the progression outshadow the hyper.

I sold an 1150 setup without much hassle and at a decent price, but otherwise yes the market is pretty slow in the UK too.

The wings move pretty quickly but I think that is because they have such a predictable degradation that people upgrade regularly, maybe wingers are more willing to spend, and price pretty well.

new f-one strike v3 £1100
used f-one strike v2 £450 (less than half price (2/5), “Used 5 times”)

The number of ARTs that sit for months unsold at £400 when new they are £800 indicates that unless you are giving someone a discount on something otherwise only available new, you need to imagine pricing at 2/5 of new price to move it reliably. 1/2 new price is not enticing.


It’s exactly that too in France for the used market, size of the foil depend too perf and it’s hard to sell to.
Only good resell value in France seem to be fone but depending on which type, lots of used phantom make them hard to sell.
I agree with the fact people dont realise every front foil has different caracteristics. Even the phantom has.

I’ll buy your used 980. That wing on a NL might still be the most fun I’ve had on foil. IMO it’s at least as good as most new surf foils Ive tried when tuned up correctly.

980 kujira
NL mast
14 Marlin
1° plate shim
Aluminum tape and cans to shim the front wing tight.

Swap the NL mast and stock fuse for a stringy fuse and mast of your choice.

surfs it as hard as anything and it’s even fast downwind. I managed kms under 2 min while sitting down on this setup.


I had Stringy make me a Takuma fuse for my F-one 14 HM mast. So he has it on file, he just doesn’t advertise it so just ask.

Riding a decent mast on takuma wings breathes new life into them for sure. Especially on the 1440.

It’s crazy how a year back you couldn’t buy used kujiras for that much under retail.


Do you run the marlin straight on the Takuma fuselage or do you use the Takuma to flat shim? thanks

Been trying to sell my Kujira 980 for a while, it’s down to 250AUD and not even a phone call or text. Surprising as I recently sold my 1095 and 1210 for 400 each relatively easily, but 980 is better in my opinion

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Quote kane in your ad. And link to his Instagram singing the praises of the 980 with video evidence.

458 likes, 15 comments - kdmaui on April 27, 2023: "Ride a wave with me
Filmed by JD follow cam on YouTube.
Takuma 980
NL 78
KD 14 marlin
3° plate s..."

652 likes, 55 comments - kdmaui on April 25, 2023: "Maui magic 🪄 
It’s been a while since I got some good prone footage!
Takuma 980
NL 780
KD 14..."

To put some numbers around this, I just sold an H2 170 on ebay. I was getting a bunch of lookers, but no takers elsewhere. After fees and shipping I made just over $250, which was equal to the starting price on the auction.

Kind of an ugly outcome, but glad someone was able to save it from the alternative (likely uglier) outcome, which was going to be some experimental chopping!

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Maybe it doesn’t have to be KDW answering this, but does 1° plate shim mean more AOA? Because I find 1° LESS AOA plate shim is my go to for v1. But that’s on an apple tree pro V which has a deck that slopes forward 1° I think.

Wish I saw that, I would put in a bid

Still have a 980 for sale. Was asking 500, open to offers

This is a such a fun setup!

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