120 successor ideas

Looks like the 120 HA is no longer sold on Lift’s website. What do you all think will replace it?

For me this wing was a game changer. I initially learned to foil on the takuma 1210, which has some great qualities to it. But its downfall for me was it is pretty slow and hard to roll over. The 120’s combo of turning ability and pump power took me from someone who liked the challenge of foiling to an obsessed foil brained maniac.

So for the other 120 lovers out there, what sort of things would you like to see in its successor? I’ve gotten some great feels on the 70 HA in terms of turning and general efficiency, but it’s pretty tough to pump. The 90 just feels like a slightly scaled down 120 - I actually like the 90 quite a bit too. If I were to pick, I’d probably be looking for something more similar to the 70 HA in design but with a surface area between the 90 and the 120… :man_shrugging:

Seems to be rumblings of a 130. But who knows. I still love my 120, sad to see it go


Minor tweaks to the foil section and maybe crank it up to 11 AR like the 90? What could they possibly do to improve it? The only place I’d seen reference to a 130 was a reply in an Instagram post from months back, probably was a typo. A 10 AR 130 size would be a no demo purchase for me though :+1:

Interesting the direction they’ve gone on the larger X sizes, seemingly prioritizing maneuverability over glide with the decreasing aspect ratios. It doesn’t seem like the 220X will be nearly big enough for what I’m after at 90Kg. I’ll probably add an Axis 1401 since I’m already invested in the system and stay with Lift for the smaller sizes.