Opinions: Lift 150 HA X

Hello everyone,

I´ve been debating about getting a 150 HA X for smaller days, just to glide and stay up on foil for ever.

Has someone rode it in the surf? Which your experience? Tails recommendations?

Right now im using the 120 + 25 every day but i cant surf in small summer days. (im 67kg)

Any comments about the wing and tail are welcome.
Have a nice day!

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Been riding the Lift 150x, prone in small waves with a Gregg Stueber fuselage, KD 13 R and Takuma 158. It is such a fun set up, I am 56kgs and I have not been overwhelmed with that wing at all. It is so smooth, predictable, stable, fast, glides and turns really well for its span. Oh and pumps so good! And the low end is excellent! Every session gets better and my grin wider! Very good investment IMHO


Choose it always over 170ha?


Is the bottom end noticeably better than the 120?

I have not tried it in the surf, but I have done several downwind runs with the 150 HA X. The low end is much better than 120 HA. The lift is smooth and really easy, and it turns really well too. The glide is so much better than the 170. The top end is definitely slower than the 120 too. Hope this helps. I have a video showing how easy the lift is on a downwind. I’ll have to take it for a surf soon and I’ll let you all know.


This is my very first attempt at lifting the Lift 150 HA X on Maui’s Maliko run with the Kalama Performance Barracuda.


Yes, much better low end than 120. No comparison

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I never rode the 170, but from friends who have, they are ditching it for 150x
I was fortunate enough to try before buying, and only took me one wave to know this new Lift 150x was a winner.

I wonder how it handle’s whitewash…

Like most long spanned and narrower chord HA wings, it does not do its best in turbulent water, but remains quite stable thru it, just don’t wanna hang out there too long or slow down :smile:

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I’m waiting to take delivery of the 150HAx. I’ll be retiring my 170HA which I been using exclusively on the wind wing (I prone 120 with Stuebber and Amundson 13).

I don’t think you can compare the two. The 170HA has a thick cord. You could argue it’s not even HA.

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