Opinions: Lift 150 HA X

Hello everyone,

I´ve been debating about getting a 150 HA X for smaller days, just to glide and stay up on foil for ever.

Has someone rode it in the surf? Which your experience? Tails recommendations?

Right now im using the 120 + 25 every day but i cant surf in small summer days. (im 67kg)

Any comments about the wing and tail are welcome.
Have a nice day!

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Been riding the Lift 150x, prone in small waves with a Gregg Stueber fuselage, KD 13 R and Takuma 158. It is such a fun set up, I am 56kgs and I have not been overwhelmed with that wing at all. It is so smooth, predictable, stable, fast, glides and turns really well for its span. Oh and pumps so good! And the low end is excellent! Every session gets better and my grin wider! Very good investment IMHO


Choose it always over 170ha?


Is the bottom end noticeably better than the 120?

I have not tried it in the surf, but I have done several downwind runs with the 150 HA X. The low end is much better than 120 HA. The lift is smooth and really easy, and it turns really well too. The glide is so much better than the 170. The top end is definitely slower than the 120 too. Hope this helps. I have a video showing how easy the lift is on a downwind. I’ll have to take it for a surf soon and I’ll let you all know.


This is my very first attempt at lifting the Lift 150 HA X on Maui’s Maliko run with the Kalama Performance Barracuda.


Yes, much better low end than 120. No comparison

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I never rode the 170, but from friends who have, they are ditching it for 150x
I was fortunate enough to try before buying, and only took me one wave to know this new Lift 150x was a winner.

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I wonder how it handle’s whitewash…

Like most long spanned and narrower chord HA wings, it does not do its best in turbulent water, but remains quite stable thru it, just don’t wanna hang out there too long or slow down :smile:


I’m waiting to take delivery of the 150HAx. I’ll be retiring my 170HA which I been using exclusively on the wind wing (I prone 120 with Stuebber and Amundson 13).

I don’t think you can compare the two. The 170HA has a thick cord. You could argue it’s not even HA.

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How did this jump go?
I just got the 170HA V2 and have used it a couple of times. With a surf 40 tail. I just called Lift to figure out what tail to upgrade to (was hoping he would say 32 glide) but instead suggested that I get a whole new setup. He suggested a 150XHA with a 25 Carve + Extension.
I am 6’4" (93cm) and 210lbs (95kg). I was curious what everyones thoughts were. I would like this set up to be a quiver killer. downwind / prone / and wing surfing.

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What I’m seeing from guys on Lift in LA is that the 150x is better than the 170 in every way. The fuse extension is also commonly recommended now too.


I talked to some experts, and yes I also am hearing this. I am still too new in the foil world to ditch the 170. Still need to work on my techniques and skills before ditching it. I do hope to get one in the near future because the 150 looks like it would be a perfect match for me.

Anyone have time on Prog 140 and 150X?
Curious as to low end and glide between the two. Would have to think the Prog is clear winner in the carving department.

Yes, would say the low end is pretty similar but that’s really dependent on tails (all of it is). The 140 has the tighter turning radius but the 150 is turny enough for my conditions. The 150 wins in glide but the 140 is close. They’re really designed for different conditions.

I have put many hours into winging, so the jump was easy at my 86kgs.

Agree the 26 carve with extender is a good lift combo for the 170HA (or 150HA 90HA).

I’m winging the 90HA when winds are >20 knots and want a more surf-like feel.

Don’t feel like you are missing out though. Once you have the 170 dialed on the wing, you’ll enjoy the progression to other Lift front wings.

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This thread is SO useful. Thank you so much! A few follow-up PRONE questions:

Q1 > In a few of the review videos, riders said “this won’t be my go-to surf foil wing, but it will be my daily driver for winging and downwinding.” Another guy said “It’s stiff when turning so it’s not my daily surf foil”, think it’s too HA for beginner prone surf foiling?

Q2 > Do you think I could make the 150 HA X work with the 32 glide tail?

Q3 > If the tail does work, should I go for the extender?

Q4 > How does the 150x handle wingtip breaches?

Thanks so much!

Recently jumped to the 150 HA X with 26 Carve (no extender). Really loving it for winging and downwinging here in the Gorge.

I came from a different system, so I can’t speak comparatively to other Lift fronts, but I found the one glide tail I tried to be really stiff and hard to turn. The 26 Carve still gives you a lot of glide, you’re just more reliant on your abilities to keep things going straight. Would highly recommend it, because in return you get a great, surprisingly surfy/turny setup with awesome low-end, pumping, and glide. I have heard some folks say the extender is useful in more ocean-swell type situations though.

I don’t think I could ever carve a tight enough turn on my previous gear to breach a wingtip, so the first few times it happened with the 150 I just heard a weird noise and wasn’t quite sure what it was. I didn’t immediately connect it to a tip breach because I literally felt nothing. It handles those really nicely.

The 150HAX has been my daily surf foil for the past 5 months. I weigh 142 lb (64.4 kg) and have prone foiled the 150HAX in everything from KH to HH waves. I’ve been using it with a 27L and 35L foil JS Mr. Bennetts foilboards.

Before the 150HAX, I could regularly get double dips, but hardly ever got any triple dips. After the 150HAX, I got triples more often just because it takes less effort to pump 150HAX compared to my other wings: 120HA, Takuma 1210 and 1095.

The 150HAX turns a lot better than the Takuma 1210, but not quite as good as the 120 or 1095. I can turn the 150HAX tight enough to get the tips out with any problems.

My favorite setup for the 150HAX is the FoilParts long fuselage adapter and 13" KD Marlin tail in the middle position of the long adapter.

With all that being said, I’ve only gotten marginally better in the past 5 months after switching to the 150HAX. I recently just got some close up slow motion video of my self while pumping the 150HAX in glassy conditions in a lake during a wake foiling session. I finally figured out why no matter what wing I used, I could only pump around 120 yd or so before running out of steam. My biggest error was that I didn’t wait for the nose to pitch down before giving the board a downward pump.

In retrospect, the money I spent on a new wing would’ve been better spent on more video sessions and maybe some coaching!