2023 surf foil choices

Don’t see why not… just a little more complicated to model & or produce but doable.

Hi everyone.

I’ve been riding CLoud 9 for a while, the new FS line rocks! Amazing low end glide and pump for a proper HA wing. HA on the 8.5AR is not a crazy HA so you get the amazing glide of an HA with proper surfer carving feelings!! I’ve had no issue with durability, but I’m only 70kgs and don’t like to jump that much, I mostly do strapless surfing (pronesurf-downwind sup- winging).
FS550 - Tons of lift for such a small front wing - I ride it when conditions get over shoulder high and tow-in seshs. Not required to be exageratedly big.
FS-850 - My all-round surf and wing foil, and even can downwind when conditions are good here (we don’t get maui like ocean power)
FS-1150 awesome small wave and PNG front wing, can link many waves on in and a great downwinder foil since it’s fast enough to enjoy a proper downwind, but hold awesome low end too.

New mast HM is stiff and reactive, very solid!


What mast to buy to have the most flexibility across the various foils to be released this year?

Thinking No Limitz must be the obvious best bet between compatibility and performance, but if I understand it I can only choose one adapter? For the most part that means I would just as well buy the brand’s mast. Is there a market for No Limitz now that brands are releasing decent masts…?

Unifoil have the Axis alu mast adapter but I think that would really compromise the foils with all the drag. Similar with Cedrus?

If you get the correct NoLimitz Takuma head then you can use foilparts adapters to make it a universal mast. I haven’t figured out how you determine which is the right one though. It also would probably void any warranty.

The NoLimitz huge benefit is how light it is.

The aluminum project cedrus is a decent universal mast for a great price.

But is there a benefit to having a universal mast is the question. No one is going to buy a brand new mast to go with used foils. So you’re limiting any resale opportunities by having a universal mast that you keep.

That said, the foil resale market is really drying up it seems. The gear has gotten so good that you’re not buying huge performance gains anymore. Used gear sits on the market for longer and you have to take a bigger hit to sell gear you bought for full price.

I’ve resorted to buying and sticking with one brand for awhile. So I just use the systems mast. Code foils will greatly tempt me in June though. We shall see if I can hold strong.

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I’m holding out for the next generation cedrus in a year or so.

Is the shape and thickness changing or only the construction method? Btw, super happy with my current PC masts: carbon (90 cm for wing) and alu(70 cm for surf). I don’t feel drag is a problem but haven’t tried anything else in a while.

I recently purchased the 70 cm Cedrus Aluminum mast. So much better then the stock Takuma one. Seems like a perfect fit for the small beachbreaks im in. Might a little too slow for downwinding efficiency.

There is an intermediate edition that is pre-ordering now that is the old design mast with the new construction, but my understanding is that a new design is coming to better address drag complaints. If your goal is one mast to rule them all, that is probably going to be you best shot.

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For surf foil the drag of the Cedrus become an issue around 1100 sq cm and smaller. Bigger than that it’s not an issue


I can imagine someone say on a 170 wanting a used 140 or vice versa that would buy the plane alone? Anyway I think you are right with a thin used market the best would be to stick within one brand.

Seems possible that two masts become the norm anyway, with the stiffer slower mast for big foils and a faster mast for smaller foils. Tomo Unifoil chats seem to indicate this as preference.

North released their SF promo stuff, interesting to see them directly targeting prone with the marketing stuff. Cabrinha is far more wing oriented.

Axis still working on their surf proto - looking like big man tow foil optimised :laughing:

I think I prefer the integrated foil/mast/fuse design of Unifoil/Cab over the Axis/North with the fuse bolting into the foil. There is quite a bit of flex in my relatively new Axis foils in the foil/fuse connection.

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I have the 78cm Takuma NL mast & adapters for:


How do these adapters work? Any issues?

Currently running a cab setup but looking closely at the new f-one mast to cab foil adapter that foilparts just released. But if no limitz runs smoothly with all those brands, that would be the obvious choice.

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I can’t imagine that fuse wing connection on the north being up to snuff. Especially with a carbon to carbon connection, just not enough compressive strength

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I wonder what’s going to happen now that Takuma has all different connections. Maybe a good idea to get all the adapters while you can