Advertising on the Forum

I’m going to start hosting some ads on the forum to recover some of the costs of running it. We just went through our 100k page views per month account, which means we have to upgrade. Right now the forum has about 900 registered users, and that number is growing at a clip of about 50/month. 3-4k page views per day. Lots of folks reading, but not registering or posting… yet.

Just like posting in the forum, anyone can advertise.

Shoot me a DM here or on IG @the.progression.project to inquire.


Alright, here are my latest thoughts on advertising on the forum. Over the last couple weeks I’ve been talking to a number of interested folks/brands. I want to do it in a way that doesn’t take away from the experience here and still provides value. At this time, I’m leaning towards a Please Support Our Sponsors header with logos of all the sponsors that link to the businesses. This way smaller businesses can be involved, and it’s more inclusive. Thinking $50/month for a logo/link. And maybe adding a $100 option that gets the logo/link and a podcast mention at the beginning of the show.

Similar to this. @garyfoilsjax is gonna donate some time to help me set it up.