Forum theme? What do you think?

Was playing with updating the theme and adding search. Found this theme that allows it but I’m not sold on it. Any feedback? I’d also like to be able to separate out the buy and sell as theres a ton of those posts. I’m stoked that is working and helping folks, but it’s not the best for discussion. Doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do that yet….

No matter how many sections there are, I always default to the “latest” category. I want to see the new posts in every category at a glance.


Give a way for sellers to mark something sold (delete post, edit topic name, edit original post) without throwing it to the top of the chronological feed.


Anyone else on here that was on KiteScoop? That ended up having some good organization. Definitely an area for dropping videos would be cool. Stoked on it nice work!

Too bulky and too much scrolling. I liked the small text, list version


Prefer to see 10+ topics on screen. Rn I see up to 3 titles

I switched back to the default. I didn’t like the new one. Wish I had a sandbox where I could test stuff, but discource doesn’t seem to. Really, I just need more time. Probably need to dedicate a whole day to figuring all this out. I picked discource because it was the easiest way to get up a forum. And it’s great. But configuring it is a pain. I’m fairly proficient in drupal, Wordpress… but this is different. Haven’t dedicated any time to learning it.