House Rules - Looking for suggestions

Hey everyone. Thanks for being a part of the forum. I’m thinking we’re going to need a set of house rules here to make it easier to moderate. What do you think we should include? My initial thoughts are no hating, nothing overtly mean or condescending to people, no spamming. Someone sent me a message yesterday warning that folks will be trying to use it to hype their businesses/products…. Maybe we create a separate category for that?

What am I missing??? Thanks for the help. Erik

Be a rational adult. It’s sad we don’t need more rules that that. :slight_smile:


I believe that’s gonna be the case but it would be a bummer if it got spammy.

Rule 1: No spam or self-promotion

Rule 2: No age-restricted or obscene content

Rule 3: Treat everyone with respect


No link towards product/brands, otherwise it is gonna be the end.

I think early on you need to find any way to keep the conversations rolling. Especially considering it’s the same 10 of us that post on every forum already anyway haha.

I sort of dislike the forums that say no ads at all. It’s to black and white. Promotion can be a grey area but it also helps To get the people who would benefit the group the most.

I wonder if an amnesty thread where everyone exposes their personal brand support / sponsorship / loyalty would be useful?!

Respecting each others’ opinion is definitely the forums priority …


I don’t think a promotional section on its own would be a bad thing.
You just definitely don’t want every other section being bombarded.

On the Software communities people are required to disclose their affiliations to help you read between the lines of their comments, and they must abide by vendor guidelines (eg slippin into DMs to push for demos not allowed)

I guess that maybe the affiliation bit applies here, as well as some vendor guidelines to keep things civilised

You’d have to make concessions for @Erik if that’s the case then. :slight_smile: The whole podcast is partially fueled to get flowed gear haha.

This is a good idea. Maybe we just have a buy/sell//services/products section

Hahaaaa. I do love testing gear.

Thinking of doing some ads on the side to help pay for hosting costs. Gonna be $100 for up to 100k views a month. Gonna cover the first couple months while we figure it out. More expensive than a lot of forum platforms but I didn’t have time to set them up and had a couple tech buddies tell me discourse is the best.

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No bashing people just for riding Naish :joy: