AFS Pure Fuselink wings for prone

has anyone tried the pure afs? seems like their fuselink is top of the line when it comes to construction systems. unsure how the pure stacks up with the top ha wings from brands like lift , code, f-one

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Another question with the AFS connection, can it be put onto a F One mast? The connection points look very similar. Keen to get on a Silk and give them a go

Unfortunately it looks like the connections are reversed and would be nose to nose.

They may be similar enough to make a sandwich piece a viable aftermarket option

Not sure how they stack vs the brands you listed but the 800 and 1100 are great for prone due to their glide, particularly the 1100 in small/gutless conditions. The 800 makes for an awesome one foil quiver: prone, downwind and wing although you would need decent conditions (wind speeds, wave size, swell size, etc) for all those activities. But if only proning a lot of people prefer the silk.

I’ve been using the 800HA and 1100HA a lot for proning -
It’s fast - super GLIDER - And pumps really really good. Turning is there and probably is way better than you may expect from any other SUPER HA wing - But hey, it’s still an SUPER HA line of wings. The good thing when carving it’s that it can let the wingtips out with no problem getting them back into the water.

Here are some clips of the 800HA and 1100HA.

(1) Tow Foiling - AFS PURE 800HA - YouTube

Throwback cuando había olas :ocean::ocean::ocean: Esperando que vuelvan @afsfoils PURE 800HA @coguakiteboarding 4’4"/28lts | Instagram

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How are you finding the low and high end of the pure HA wings compared to the silks?

I’m loving the silk.

Timely video just got posted

The pures have a wider range. For example pure 800 has as much if not more high end than silk 650 but as much if not more low end than the silk 850. But to get that speed and glide you lose some of the carving and forgiveness that you get from the silk.


I haven’t been fortunate enough to get my hands on the SILK Line (wanting so bad) - But I’m riding the Cloud IX FS series which have a great low end, and the AFS PURE HA is comparable in low end per size to the more mid aspect low end champs that are the FS, but with greater glide and higher speed control. The Cloud IX are winners on the carving game obviously and can only guess the SILK will be a winner there too with tons of glide and control.
It’s just as @FoilATX mentioned too.