Pure v2 afs. Has anyone tried it?

Has anyone tried the pure V2 afs? Wondering how it would compare to code S

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Only reviews I’ve seen on French websites and while they are all extreme positive, none are particularly thoughtful. Common theme is that the foils are very fast. Not sure any of the foils are in the US yet.

I’ve taken delivery of a PURE900 V2 on a trip to the USA; and am bringing it home to Bali this weekend.
Very excited to try it in weaker surf where a little more glide would help. WIll report back next week!

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nice! Do you have a silk 850 to compare it to? Looking forward to hearing more.

i do - the Silk 850 is just amazing in waves when there is a little bit of power, can connect waves pretty easily and keep speed. I also have the Silk 1050 which is superb in most conditions, but excels again when the wave has some shape.
I have however had a few days where i’ve felt the lack of ‘wall’ or the slackness of the wave (on small swell high tide) has meant more pumping and less turning, and i think the pure will excel in this type of conditions; a little more glide and AR.
I recently tried someone’s Progression 140 (AR 8.9) (which felt ‘slipperier’ and ‘pumpier’ than the Silk 850, but considerably less ‘surfy’), and i think the Pure 900 (AR 9.3) will be comparable to this.

Honestly, for prone it’s hard to beat the Silks for all-round IMO. The purchase of the Pure900 is kind of our of curiosity and to give me a few more days per month when the conditions aren’t super fun for surf foiling.

Let you know soon!


Im loving the Silk 850 too, but I agree that there are times when I could use a little more glide for faster moving, but not steep swell. Would love to hear how the Silk 850, Pure HA800 and Pure 700/900 compare in those conditions.

Re: Prog 140, Silk 850 feels a lot faster and also more surfy to me. I would expect the Pure 900 will be much faster than the P140.

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Yeah Bruce, that was me on the 140. Good to meet you!

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First impressions

in very substandard surf (tiny and weak with a strong crosswind…

This wing likes speed.

I had a few glimpses of it but honestly the conditions didn’t do it justice. It’s not a low speed wing, and I can’t wait to try it on better waves. It does glide very nicely and turns pretty well too from the limited waves I had. Not sure where it fits now relative to my silks, but will keep you posted! It also hummed a lot but I will sort that out with some tuning.

In short - wait for more data!


Had decent conditions today - chest high, some power and not much wind at the beginning
I was stoked to get back on the silk 850 with 142 stab after a gutless swell period of foil driving on the pump machine pure ha1100 etc… it was such a pleasure to be back on the silk.

I then took the Pure 900 v2 out for another spin along with the silk 142 stab. The front wing whistles so much that I couldn’t stand it and had to go switch back to the silk… I’ll give it more tuning and see if I can fix this. Of the three waves I took on it, it turns pretty well but i didn’t notice much improvement on the pump and glide so far.

I then switched back to the silk 850 front wing, and tried the silk ha40 stab. Hated it. Probably need better glassy conditions to test the pump and glide more, but so far haven’t loved it. No advantage over the 142 that I would consider worth it.

Nothing feels better than the silk 850 and 142 for me (or indeed the 1050 and 152, or 650 and 132)
The lift ha120 is the only wing that’s come close to the silks for sheer surf foiling joy…

In short… silks are the fucking bomb. Felt like I was going so fast and so hard on turns, pushing myself as hard as I could and getting so much feedback (Chipri pro is so good with its concaves). Dont mess with perfection I guess!

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What didn’t you like about the ha40?

Have you ridden the 850 with the 152 tail? How does the 142 compare to the 152 on that setup? I have the 152 and ride it on both the 850 and 1050 and wonder if I’m missing out on the 142.

Just broke the tip off my 850 - so bummed. These foils are so good but they are a bit more fragile than others. That is the tradeoff for the fine profiles though I guess.

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Hey velociraptor!
I habe tried the 142 with the 1050 and it’s also awesome. I don’t think there is a big enough difference to justify the extra purchase of the 142, but the small difference in size will suit some conditions better with 850. I recall a video from AFS saying that the tails are ‘absolutely’ paired with each wing, and I kind of treated that as gospel. I would however, for sure only really use the 132 with the 650 silk (as I only use it for towing/powerful swells), but I think between the 152/142 and the 1050/850 there’s probably not much in it.

The HA silk stabs just didn’t feel good compared to regular stabs. Trackier, much tighter and although admittedly conditions weren’t super pump friendly (windy and a little swirly water), I didn’t get any immediate sense of super-improved glide and pump. I will give them another crack, but it really felt like they took away the magic of the silk front wings.

Again, and as you’re extremely aware, the Silk setup is just unreal. Not sure how it could be improved much. Sometimes wish i could pump them for longer but that’s on me! Surfing waves on those things is the best feeling.

My (AFS!) leash snapped yesterday and the board and foil got washed to shore. Pleased to say not a scratch…. Sorry to hear your 850 got damaged.

Me personally…I have the silks and they are great for tow foiling. I definitely can’t pump and link on them anywhere near the code s. I have been riding more and more on code s and r now that my silks are starting to collect dust.

Interested to try the Code foils at some point! They Code S is 9.5 AR so not a huge surprise for better pumping. How do they compare to the silks on the wave face?

Hoping I can figure out this damn Pure 900 which has similar AR…

The silks feel way smoother when it comes to turns, but the code s can also turn very well for a ha wing.

Ok, So I spent basically a week on the Silk 650 with the 38HA stab.

I personally loved this stab, though I thought it could have the tiny winglets trimmed to loosen slightly.

I ran it in the back position in chest to overhead long period swell.

Felt locked in on deep, high speed bottom turns but let go just enough when making slower top turns.

I was able to pump connections and felt it pumped well at speed. I will try to put up a video.

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Hi @Velocicraptor !
As always it all come down to your weight and level -
My AFS quiver is SILK 650 & 850 / PURE HA1100 and looking forward to get the 800HA to level up my downwind SUP foil game -
I’m 68-70kg - and my preferred SILK is the 650 - for my weight it’s the ideal one for whenever it’s already over waist or chest well formed wave height - the steeper and cleaner the better.
As @bsjcummings mentioned, I usually stick to each front wing with it’s suggested stab - so I got the chance to test the 850 with all my stabs (132-142 and 165HA for downwind) - definetly the 132 it’s my go to - I feel at my weight the 850 can get overpowered too easily and after feeling the 650 carving possibilities, felt the 850/142 too hard on the rail changes when round housing (or at least trying them :sweat_smile:) - Started using the 850 with the 132 and it’s as loose as I need it -
Would love if the SILK range had an intermidiate size (720) that better fits my size and conditions - I can pump the 650 to a wave or too - but not that far to get back to the main point, other than that it’s my favorite foil so far for surf/wing foiling.
Wondering if I were to reeplace the 850 SILK for a 700 Pure what would happen :thinking:

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Would love to see a video of that if you have time!