Appletree Pro surf V2 with Progression wings

Looking for a bit of guidance with the Appletree Pro Surf V2 and the Progression wings. Is a mast shim beneficial? If so what is the best way to go.


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I had that board when I first got the progression. I didn’t at the time but would suggest maybe popping a shim on the back side of the mast just for a touch more lift.

Those boards are older with further back/shorter tracks, you might want to just sell it and buy a newer model which will fit newer foils better so you can get the foil further forward.

Shimming doesn’t change how much lift your foil has, it only changes the distribution of lift relative to front/back foot and the angle of your standing platform.

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I have the v1 and need to push the progression all the way forward.
Question is, can’t we just pop up 2 inches backwards instead of buying a new board? what’s the down side?

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I think many foilers would pay $1000 for the slightest incremental improvement in foiling lol

I swapped Axis for Progressions on my Appletree V2, and I definitely wish I had more room to move the mast forward. And my back foot is on the kickpad, so I can’t just move my stance back :frowning:

I have a skipper 4’5 28 liter up for grabs. Has longer tracks but did shim to make it more level.