Made the Jump progression project from axis

Hey all I have come from riding predominately the ART 1099- 999 with a progressive tail 350 and have now moved onto the progression project 170- 140 . Have yet to use them due to the flat state of affairs on the east coast of Australia . I have the P10 3 pack - any advise on what to use to ease the transition into the new brand . And any other insights in general ??

Where on the east coast are you. Enjoyed some 3 footers down in Cronulla this morning.

On my p170, 13" G10 pack I played with the shunt stab and a shims from +2 - 0 as well as the shiv with +2 - 0 and ended up settling for the shiv with 0 for now

As for other insights if you have the uni mast t-bolts use them! I’ve been bouncing between a few different boards and the ability to shuffle the mast front or back a bit while out in the water has provided more noticeable changes.

Start with Shiv and 0 degree shim. I then experimented going +0.5, 1 then -0.5, -1 and settled on liking the 0 and +0.5 the most. Also prefer the Shiv to the Shunt and Shank.

I’m on the goldy , looks like there might be something around today if I can get out before the tide gets too high :crossed_fingers:. What feedback did you get from the different setups ? . I got the t bolts but for some Reason they are 35mm so I think I’m going to have to get the stainless steel grinder blade out before I head out to make them fit my tracks . Thanks for the reply legend

oooh plenty of options up there!

Glad you mentioned the tbolts I had the exact same issue they were too long and bottomed out on my tracks. I ended up cutting them down with an angle grinder but honestly made a bit of a mess of it and had to then buy a die set to fix the thread. After that got a tip off another guy that had to do it and he actually wound a nut onto the bolt and then ground it down to that point which saved the threads

As for differences I noticed (please keep in mind I’m still very much a beginner in the foiling world) but with the extra shim I noticed a bit more stability and lift (front foot pressure) but as I improved I preferred to go the shiv with 0 as it should be the fastest of the options and I adjusted front foot pressure with the mast placement instead.

At my weight 70kg the P170 was getting pretty lifty on some of the bigger set waves today, I do wish I had a p140 for bigger conditions but am trying to hold out and see if the 120ish model shows up soon

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You are in for a treat, the Unifoil gear is significantly better than Axis gear (unless you are trying to jump off a dock and pump around a lake LOL)

Be warned the P170 is a really small/low power wing, basically for knee to thigh high waves. Any bigger you will want the P140.

Agree start with the shiv 0shim then try the others.

I have settled on prone with shiv 0shim and wing shunt 0shim.

Put mast a solid inch farther forward than the Axis to start and adjust from there.

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Checkout Wingnuts Takuma (tapered) M8 30MM’s I recommend not actually getting the Unifoil T nuts and getting these instead for this reason. Note you need these tapered ones for the Katana mast.

I agree with the P170 vs. P140 distinction. Subtle plug that I’m selling my P170:

Just went out for my first session yesterday arvo - what’s treat it was , was expecting it to
be an awkward adjusting period I would
Have to stick it out through . After two waves of adjusting I was beating my PBS :raised_hands:t2:. Took out the shiv with zero shim, look forward to
Playing more . :call_me_hand: