Are old foils useless in small swell?

Super random question for you prone and DW guys

I have an old 2019 Naish Thrust xl (orange tips) and gave it to a friend to try some prone
He is trying to catch 1 foot bumps - unbroken
He is about 200 lbs

Will he even be able to catch a 1 foot wave (slow waves with very short interval) on that thing or have I given him a mission impossible

Anyone remember proning on that naish xl?
I believe it is 1500sq cm

ive seen videos of Chuck Patterson riding waves with a 2450 naish jet
but it seems the design of foils changed to HA in 2021 and its hard to imagine older foils “dont work”

WCFC and the Hurley brothers we ripping on old 2018 Naish

I learned on a Naish L. I don’t think they can catch unbroken waves. You need a breaking section to take off. I connected doubles on it. I was happy to move on from that foil and wouldn’t want to go back though.

Amazing turns on it though.

Old neilpryde medium was good, especially the medium slim! Obviously all bad compared to modern foils but still super fun if it’s all you have