Cabrinha H-series for SUP DW

Anyone had any experience using the Cabrinha H-series 1000 or 1200 for SUP dw? Or the newer MkII H-series wings like the 1300 or 1050?

Thank you!

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I use the 1300 and working on the 1050. Great wings with good speed and glide. The 1300 was what I progressed to after the Axis 1050 HPS and it was a good next step (faster and more turny). I currently can’t flat water start either but working on it. Was surprised how easy the pop was with the 1300.

What’s your weight and board?

180 lbs and Barracuda 102l

Thanks! I’m 7kg using a 7’7"x20. I can get up on the 1200, and saw a good deal on the newer 1050 so am hoping I can get there with that wing too…